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Welcome to our NEW Reading Series!


Dear Parents,

This year, our class will use the Superkids Reading Program, a core reading and language arts program designed for kindergarten through second grade. This program includes a parent portal, which contains information about the Superkids Reading Program and what your child will learn this year as well as activities your child can do at home. Please check your child's folder and fill out the Superkids form to provide me with the names and e-mail addresses for each parent and/or guardian who would like to set up a parent portal account. I will enter this information into my online class roster.


To create your parent portal account, follow these steps:

1. After you send in your form, I will enter your info, then look for an e-mail from Superkids Reading Program.

2. Click the link in the e-mail. On the page that opens, create a password for your parent portal account.

3. After submitting the above information, you have finished creating your parent portal account. You will be automatically logged in to the parent portal.


To access the parent portal, follow these steps:

1. Go to (click on the picture above!) and select the “School and Parent Log-in” tab at the top right.

2. Select the “Parent” link.

3. Enter your e-mail address and password.


Happy Reading!

Mrs. Shuttleworth