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Important Information Regarding School Building Access and

Return/Retrieval of Materials and Belongings




Next week the school district will be allowing students into the buildings to return items that belong to the school, and to pick up belongings and materials that belong to the students. Our principal has sent the times and instructions for this process to parent emails, I have posted them to Google Classroom and Classtag. If there is anything you need clarified, or if you cannot make it to the school during the times provided, please let me know immediately. I will try my best to make adjustments if possible.


I have some specifics for our class. Please read them carefully so that nothing gets missed.


1. If you have a school issued Chromebook, it does not have to be returned at this time. Please keep it until we receive directions regarding their return after at home learning has concluded on June 18.


2. Every student was sent home from my classroom in March with a blue book sack and 10 books from my classroom library. These must be returned to school during the times outlined by Mrs. White in her message. Please place these in a plastic bag and label them with my name so that administration knows to return them to my classroom.

3. Most students in our class have library books that also must be returned. I have sent the list via Classtag and Google Classroom, and will also attach it to this email. Please look for your child's name and the title of the book(s) they have checked out. These must also be returned to school at the scheduled time.

4. When I cleaned out the classroom last week, I placed the students' belongings in plastic bags labeled with their names, and they are waiting at school to be picked up if you want them. When we left in March, I instructed the children to take everything home with them, but there are a few things left. Most of what I found was notebooks, folders, papers, and few odd school supplies. The students' math books are also there, and you are welcomed to take those home.


5. If your child has anything else in their possession that belongs to the school, like Title 1 books or book sacks, please return those as well.


6. I will not be there at the pick up/drop off, so please ask any questions you may have in advance, and I will try to get answers for you.


Thanks in advance for your cooperation!





We will have A Google Meet every day at 10:00, Monday through Thursday. This will be your chance to see Mrs. Shuttleworth and your friends, so please try to best to get there!

Use the code shuttlelive to enter.


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