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Click on the link to access a document with the Chapter notes that you are looking for.  If a Quizlet study set is available, it is linked below the document.


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You can click on the powerpoint, then tap the icon with three vertical dots in the top right hand corner, then hit view speaker notes to view the answers!


**If you have an iPhone, your phone will automatically only open the questions (which you can use to complete your notes, but you will need to find the answers in your textbook on your own).  To see the speaker notes, you need to open the google slides app and then open the powerpoint document within the app.  Please come to me if you have any issues with this.  


 Chapter 1 Powerpoint:  Grade 8 religion ch 1.ppt 


Chapter 2 Powerpoint:  chapter 2.ppt 


Chapter 3 Powerpoint:   chapter 3.ppt  


Chapter 4 Powerpoint:   chapter 4.ppt 


Chapter 5 Powerpoint:  chapter 5.ppt 


Chapter 6 Powerpoint:  chapter 6.ppt 


Chapter 7 Powerpoint:  chapter 7.ppt 


Chapter 8 Powerpoint:  chapter 8.ppt 


Chapter 9 Powerpoint:  chapter 9.ppt 


Chapter 10 Powerpoint:   chapter 10.ppt 


Chapter 11 Powerpoint:  chapter 11.ppt 


Chapter 12 Powerpoint:  chapter 12.ppt 


Chapter 13 Powerpoint:  chapter 13.ppt 


Chapter 14 Powerpoint:  chapter 14.ppt 


Chapter 15 Powerpoint:  chapter 15.ppt 


Chapter 16 Powerpoint:  chapter 16.ppt 


Chapter 17 Powerpoint:  chapter 17.ppt   chapter 17


Chapter 18 Powerpoint:  chapter 18.ppt