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Welcome to Math Study Skills.



I am excited to be teaching at MLK again this year.  I am one of the inclusion teachers working with the students in the 8th grade at MLK.  I work with Mrs. Jackson in the Regular Math Instruction Classroom and I also have small group instruction in Math Study Skills. Hopefully, with my review, frontloading, and encouragement, the students will excell in the Math Curriculum and improve on the end of year state testing.


I live in Bastrop and have a family with older children.  My youngest child is 13 and I have helped my girls succeed through most of the teenage years.  I have been teaching since 2001 and have experience with all of the grades through Junior High.  I like to see the students realize the potential they have while here at school and hope they continue to grow as they move on.  


My email address is [email protected] if you should need to send me a message.  I am also available for personal conferences on most days at 8:20 am.  If you need to schedule a conference, please contact the office to set up a specific time, or email me to see when I might be available.  




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