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 Week 3 Online Learning At Home


For this week, you have two options to complete your activities. 

Please choose one option for the entire week.


Option 1: Follow the website daily/weekly and complete the journal response page. Take a picture of the completed journal page each day and send via Dojo Messenger or post it on your Student Portfolio. 


 Journal Response 1 Page Format.pdf 

 Journal Response 2 Page Format.pdf 


Option 2: Download and print this packet. It contains all of your work for one week. Work at your own pace. If you choose this option, please let your teacher know ahead of time and share at least one picture a day of one of the completed activities or of you working on your packet. 


Week 3 Work Packet .pdf


At this time, we are considering each day to be its own assignment. If you are sharing the assignments you complete each day, then you will receive credit. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.


Whether you choose option one or two, all work must be saved. 

You will be required to submit it for grading when school resumes.



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 Home Learning


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