2015-2016 School Year


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Welcome to my class webpage. I have tried to put together some information and resources to help you in your journey to be succcessful in class.  What is most important in my class is not always finding ther right answer. Rather it is the journey to that answer, and putting in your best effort every day.  That is how we will grow as mathematicians and individuals. 




Extra Help 


Before School extra help for the 2015-2016 will resume as noted in a schedule sent home with your child and will begin in October



Nightly Homework Listing Update for 4th / 5th Replacement 


Homework will be written in class in planners and at the end of the day will be uploaded to my website.





I hold both your child and myself to high expectations every day. 

Click here for Student Expecations - Expectations for class.doc  

Click here for Teacher Expectations -   Expectations for medoc.doc  





As always if you have any questions or concerns, I can be reached by email at mmansour@roselandnjboe.org 



Mr. Mansour's Math Class

Room 372

Lester C. Noecker School