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Physical Education Grading Policy


Each day students will receive 10 points when entering the gym. During class students will be graded on participation, sportsmanship, and following directions. If students are lacking in one of these areas, or demonstrating behavior that conflicts with these three areas they will lose part of their 10 points. Students that show high levels in those three areas will retain the 10 points for the class. Students will receive a warning before any points have been deducted. Continual negative behaviors or lack of participation will result in more points being deducted as the class continues.


Health Grading Policy


Students' Health Grades will be determined based off their class participation, test scores, and quiz scores. Participation will make up 50% of the students grade. This will involve them being on task in class, providing feedback in class discussions, and completing any classwork that is assigned. Each class/classwork assignment will be worth 10 points. If a student is absent, they must pick up their make up work the next class they are present. That same work will be due the next class period that we meet. If a student does not hand in the work the following class period, 2 points will be deducted each period it is late. If enough class periods elapse and the grade drops to a zero it will remain a zero. Their test scores will make up 35% of their overall grade for the marking period. We will have chapter tests that will be open book during class. Students will also receive a study guide that they will be able to take home days prior to each test. Quiz grades will result in 15% of the students overall grade.