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CBI Program

Career awareness/preparation, along with life skill activities are integrated into the curriculum to supplement a strong academic program


  • Students identify their interests, goals & abilities while planning for adult life
    • Through Self-Assessment & Supervisor Assessment 
    • Interest Inventories, Portfolio, Resume
  • Community Based Instruction (CBI) is a key component of the transition process and assists students in learning functional life skills in real world environments.
    • Reinforcement of Soft Skills such as hygiene, clothing attire, attitude, manners, responsibilities, maturity, & safety
    • In-House Jobs
    • Guest Speakers from area businesses
    • Outings designed to aid in the transition into the job world and general society
  • Classroom activities, community based instruction, social, life, and coping skills instruction, and supported employment services are just some of the components of the CBI program.
  • SLE/Work Based Learning: Supported Employment Specialists provide supported employment services that include:
    • Job developing & coaching
    • Worksite mentor identification and support
    • Follow-up services
    • Transportation Training
      • Ø All supported employment activities are targeted specifically to address the individual needs of the student.
      • Ø Areas of potential need are identified so that supports for all areas of adult life will be in place when the student graduates.
  • Communication with Parents:
    • Through email, letters/flyers, texts, and telephone conversations