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We are studying about the first Thanksgiving.  We have compared Pilgrim and Native American way of life.  Our high frequency words are "you, all", and "of".  In math, we are working with teen numbers.  The children have also begun making a vessel that could carry "Pilgrims".  




t-top-/t/, b-bat-/b/, f-fun-/f/,

m-man-/m/, n-nut-/n/, i-itch-/i/,   

u-up-/u/, c-cat-/k/, o-octopus-/o/,

a-apple-/a/, g-game-/g/, s-snake-/s/

d-dog-/d/, r-rat-/r/, e-Ed-/e/, l-lamp-/l/,

h-hat-/h/, k-kite-/k/, v-van-/v/, w-wind-/w/



High Frequency Words

a, the, is, it, I, can, see, we, go, to, look, at, for, they, all, of, you




Have a great week!


Ms.  Shoblock