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Ms. Jennings's ADV US I






Welcome to the 2020-2021 Virtual Learning School Year! This message is for all of my Advance US I History classes. Below are the Google Classroom codes for each of the sections. Please find the correct period number for when I will meet your class. After the period number, there will be a color which is how I will identify each class. 


Period 3: Yellow Class

Google Classroom Code: t5yp3gq


Period 6: Green Class

Google Classroom Code: uhyhflj


Period 8: Blue Class

Google Classroom Code: m5c45wq


***Each Google Classroom has their own unique Meet Link that is located at the top of the class's heading***




Unit 1: America's Beginnings


Counted 50 States Map Test



Counted 50 States Map Test will be next Wed. 9/18, for Red or next Thursday, 9/19, for Blue and Orange



Causes of the Am. Revolutionary War Music Video


"Hey King, Get Off Our Backs" Handout and Guided Reading Questions(Recieved in class)


 Blank Guided Questions for Hey King.docx 



 Taxation Worksheet, 15 points classwork grade(Received in class)


Thomas Jefferson's point of view of the Declaration of Independece Analyzation, 20 points classwork grade (Received in class)


Rewrite the Declaration Assignment, 20 point classwork grade (Received in class)


Declaration of Independence Music Video



Clip from John Adams-Declarartion of Independence





Articles of Confederation Music Video


"Wanted Government" Reading and Handout(Both received in class)



"Wanted:Just Right Government" Reading and Guided Questions (Recieved in class)


 Guided Questions for Wanted Handout.docx 


"Wanted:Just Right Government" Power Point


 Just Right Govt_1.ppt 


Mr. Bett's Constitution Song



Congressional Convention Notes/Federalist and Anti-Federalist worksheet (Received in class)


Introduction to the Constitution Reading and Questions (Received in class)


"Checks and Balances" Activity (Done in class)


Test this week on this unit either Wednesday, October 4, or Thursday, October 5!



Document Analysis: "The Ideals from the Declaration: What Ideal Is The Most Important?"


BackGround Essay Questions and Definitions worth 17 points, due Wed. 10/10 or Thurs. 10/11


Questions worth 50 points, due Fri. 10/12


Paragraph worth 20 points, due Fri. 10/12




Unit 2: Legislative Branch


Scavenger Hunt of the Legislative Branch Activity (done in class)


Voting In Congress Notes/Power Point (done in class)


 Voting in Congress_Part 1.ppt 


 Voting in Congress_Part 2_0.ppt 


LawCraft Game from Icivics


 Slides_LawCraft Extension Pack_0.ppt 


1st MP "Assessment"




Congress and How a Bill Becomes a Law packet due Thursday 10/25 or Friday 10/26, worth 60 points combined


Test on this Unit on Thursday 10/25 or Friday 10/26


Unit 3: Executive Branch


Basics of the Executive Branch


 Slides_Executive Command Extension Pack_0.ppt 


A Very Big Branch


 A Very Big Branch Guided Questions.docx 


Electoral Process Reading (Given in Class)


 Electoral Process Organizer.docx 


 Electoral Process Activities_0.ppt 


Political Party Article/Questions, this will be a 40 point homework assignment, given in class


Campaign Propaganda Document Analysis

*Background Essay/Questions, it will be graded

*Document Analysis Questions, it will be graded



Presidential Roles Webmap (Given in class)

Presidential Roles Handout (Given in class)


Executive Branch Test on Friday, 11/16

Executive Branch Packet due on Friday, 11/16

**Bring History Bucks on Friday, 11/16





Unit 4: Judicial Branch/Bill of Rights


  Better Judicial Branch powerpoint(2).ppt 


Marbury v. Madison Video Clip


Marbury v. Madison Cartoon Analysis

 Marbury v. Madison Activity.docx 


Bill of Rights Notes given in class

 Newer Bill of Rights Notes.ppt 


 The Bill of Rights Notes.docx 


Tshirt Solagn Activity

 TShirt slogans.ppt 

 Freedom of speech and slogans worksheet.doc 


Fourth Amendment Document Analysis/Paragraph, given in class(documents, 34 points and paragraph, 20 points)

Background Essay/Questions, given in class (30 points)



Unit Test on Monday, 12/17 or Tuesday, 12/18 along with Amendment packet due


Unit 5: Chapter 6, Early Presidents


Chapter 6 Voculary List


 Chapter 6 Vocabulary List for ADV US I.docx 


Quiz on Vocabulary words on Thursday, 12/20!


Chapter 6 Power Point

 Our_Early_Presidents_ Notes.ppt 


Presidents video on George Washington 



George Washington Parody Video 


The Real George Washington Video 



XYZ Affair Parody 


Whiskey Rebellion Video 


John Adams Video


 The presidents video on Thomas Jefferson


War of 1812 Parody 



Hamilton v. Jefferson Chart, given in class


Chapter 6 Test on Wed. 1/16 or Thurs. 1/17!


Unit 6: Jackson's Presidency


Vocabulary List

 Chapter 7 Vocabulary.docx 


Jackson's Presidency Power Point

 ppt jackson.ppt 


Presidents Video on Andrew Jackson


Andrew Jackson WebQuest



Mr. Bett's Parody Videos

Andrew Jackson:

Monroe Doctrine:

Missouri Compromise:



TedEd Video, History v Andrew Jackson 


5 Tribes Questions


Jackson Political Cartoons Activity, done in class


Written Response from the Cartoon Activity due


Trail of Tears Questions, given in class


Nationalism Chart and Monroe Doctrine Questions, given in class


Test on Jackson Unit will be


Unit 7: Manifest Destiny


Chapter 9 Vocabulary

 Adv US I Chapter 9 Vocabulary.docx 


Inventors and Inventions Notes

  early inventors powerpoint.ppt 


Manifest Destiny Notes

  Adv US I manifest destiny.ppt 


Mr. Bett's Parody Video: 


Manifest Destiny Painting, hw due Thursday, 2/15.

 American Progress painting.docx 


Oregon Trail HW due Thursday 2/22


Into The West Video, done in class and writing prompt will follow after the video,




PSATs next Wednesday, 2/27 will affect all morning classes




Unit 8: Causes of the Civil War


Voacbulary List

 Adv Us I Ch. 10 Vocab.docx 


Quiz on vocabulary the following day after completion



Causes of the Civil War Project

 Causes of the Civil War Project.docx 


Due Date for Project:

 Wednesday, 3/20


Unit 9: Civil War


Vocabulary List

 Adv US I Civil War Vocab.docx


Notes on the Civil War and Reconstruction

 The Civil War and Reconstruction.ppt 


Glory Questions, given out in class, these will be due after the movie, TBA


Background Essay on Harriet Tubman/Document Analysis on Harriet Tubman/Paragraph response, given and done in class


Unit 10: Reconstruction


Reconstruction Vocabulary

 ADV US I Reconstruction vocabulary.docx 


Unit 11: Big Business and Immigration


Chapter 14 and 15 Vocabulary

  Adv Us I 14-15 Vocabulary.docx 


Chapter 14 and 15 Notes

  Chapter 14 Notes for Adv and CP.docx 


Chapter 14 Powerpoint

 Adv US I Industrialization-3.ppt 


Chapter 15 Powerpoint

 Adv US I Urban America-4.ppt 


Big Business WebQuest, given in class


WebQuest Address-





Unit 12: Imperialism


Imperialism Notes



Yellow Journalism Activity, given in class


The Century: America's Time- The Beginning:Seeds of Change