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1. Homework schedule: Monday-Thursday

2. Homework includes: Math Practice page and read at home stories from different resources.

3. Students are responsible for books sent home.  Please make sure all books sent home return the next day.  

4. Please sign Reading Log in what we call the "SuperKids Folder" for each 15 minute block of reading completed.  Reading is required every Monday-Thursday, 15 minutes each night.  Students may do extra if families and kids want to!

5. Red checks on paper in homework folder means return to school.


Strategies for reading at home:


1. Your child may read the whole story to someone, perhaps even even a dog!

2. Your child can take turns reading a page with someone (not the dog)!

3. You may pick out words for child to read.

4. Echo read: You read a line, your child repeats.



Helpful links for language arts:



Helpful links for math: