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Bienvenidos a un nuevo ano escolar!


Welcome to a new scholastic school year!

This year all of the students will increase their spanish vocabulary and enjoy the culture through dance, song and poetry.

Students will learn greetings, vowels, letters, colors, numbers, clothing, verbs, food, feelings, and use of sentences.

Throughout the year students will engage in song, dance, folklore from different Spanish speaking countries, and be involved in classroom activities where they can expand their knowledge of Spanish Culture.




     Greetings: Hola and Adios 

     Song: ( tune: blue bird) - Hola amigo, hola amiga, hola amigo, hola amiga, hola amigo, hola amiga, hola nuevos amigos! Then substitute the word adios for hola using the same tune

                                          Hola, hola nuevos amigos //nuevos amigos//   Tengo un amigo 

     Tune: one little two little three little indians

     Students will learn the shapes: circulo,triangulo - circle, triangle

     New Vocabulary: Hola, adios, circulo, triangulo, triangle, numero uno, dos,tres,cuatro, cinco, seis, siete, ocho, nueve, diez, y escuela, 

     Story: Donde estan los pollitos?  Where are the Chicks?


Grade  1


    Students will learn the Nuevos Amigos cheer

Students will meet two puppets - Juanita and Picos el dragon

   Song: Vivo vivo vivo en una casa roja en una casa roja con mi familia / Hola, hola, nuevos amigos hoy vamos a cantar

   Verbs: Cantar and bailar = to sing and to dance

   Dance: (tune: la cucaracha) A mi me gusta, a mi me gusta cantar en la clase la la la

   Story: Los Monos Traviesos se Escapan - The Mischievous Monkeys Escape!



 Grade 2

  Once a week - work a lesson on culture

  Song: Voy a celebrar con mis amigos

  verb: Celebrar = to celebrate

  Story: Eva y los Globos - Eva and the Balloons


Grade 3


  Latin American Cultural History

  * Students will learn lessons on Culture -Once a week

  * Art


  *verb of the day

  * New Vocabulary

   -  El restaurante

   -   La tienda de novias

   -    La Taqueria

   -   El salon de belleza

   -   La panaderia

   -   La fruteria

       "La mejor medicina es la buena comida" - An apple a day keeps the doctor away

      - Anita Martinez - Mexican Folk dancer

      - La Quinceaniera - poem


      How are corn tortillas made?