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Days 1,3,5- P.E.

Day 2 Technology/Media

Day 4 Art

Day 5 Music



Florida Standards Assessment (FSA) Information:

To learn more, follow these links: 



As a reminder, please stop by my website to have your child practice important skills and to stay current on information happening in our room and school!  You can find it by going to and clicking on classroom websites.



Important Reminders:

Homework Reminders:

It is essential that your child completes all of the assigned homework each day.  In addition to this, your child’s planner MUST be signed daily.  This is our easiest form of communication.    




Here are some things to help them with meeting their goal:


  • Quality over quantity; Read the book more than once, check for understanding, and discuss it before taking a quiz
  • Take their time on the AR quizzes.  If they miss any questions, not only does it lower their average (85% required), it also reduces the point value they receive for it. 
  • Please remember that A.R. quizzes will NOT be deleted.  One "rushed" test can slow their progress of accomplishing their goal.