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Welcome to Fifth Grade!

This year we have many wonderful activities planned for your child as he/she prepares for Middle School.  In each subject area, students will grow and enhance their knowledge through meaningful, thoughtful, and hands-on lessons, which are in line with the core standards.



In the morning each day, students usually have 3 sessions where they have academic choice. Students can choose between Read to Self and Work on Writing.  Each session has an activity that students are responsible for completing to ensure they are getting right to work, working the whole time, and accomplishing the task at hand.  While students are working, I have been meeting with students for conferences and benchmarking.

       The Journey's Reading Program will be used again this year, district wide. Journey’s is a program that will enhance your child’s reading time as well as move through the reading continuum.  It is a comprehensive program with 30 weekly lessons throughout the school year.  Each week students will have whole class and small group instruction, by means of guided reading.  Students will also each receive an anthology textbook, which contains weekly vocabulary, spelling, grammar, short stories, and focus points.  Students will also be given a practice book where they can utilize and practice their reading, grammar, and comprehension skills.



       Students have time each day where they receive direct writing instruction, as well as time to create stories and projects on their own.  We will be working on personal narratives, essays, non-fiction texts, informational texts, and historical fiction throughout the school year.




       We have 12 Math units this year, each covering a multitude of topics.  Math is a time for students to be presented with topics as a whole group, and then work in small groups, sometimes with manipulatives, to increase knowledge and understanding of a concept.  Some topics that will be covered include: fractions, decimals, division, multiplication, area, perimeter, and volume.



       We have 4 Science units this year.  In each unit, students will learn vocabulary, and complete hands-on investigations.  We will cover: Levers and Pulleys, Variables, Mixtures and Solutions, and Landforms.


Social Studies

       Social Studies covers various topics this year including: the presidential election, studying Native Americans, and studying the American Revolution.  Students will receive a textbook, as well as enhance each of the topics with non-fiction text and Time Magazine for Kids. 


Homework and Homework Policy

       Students will be given homework each weeknight that is to be completed and brought to school the next night.  It is imperative that your child is reading 25 minutes EVERY night.  This will help them increase their reading levels as well as help in understanding and comprehension across all subject areas.  It is important that each child is reading a “Just Right” book that is at his/her current reading level; a harder book does not mean a better reader.  Each night, students are asked to complete a small writing assignment in the form of a reading log to ensure they have read.

       Your child will also have Math homework each night that is line with what was learned that day.  This assignment is found in your child’s Study Link Math book. Some nights I will send home a short writing prompt, writing assignment, or Journey’s practice page.

       Students need to complete their homework each night as it will give them practice for newly learned concepts.  If students do not complete a homework assignment, they will have to complete it during their recess time.  If it becomes a reoccurring habit, I will contact you to try to remedy the problem.  Not doing homework can also affect your child’s grade because he or she is not doing what is required, and he or she is not getting the necessary practice.



       It is my goal this year for your child to be successful in anything that he or she sets out to accomplish.  I am here to help them set and strive for their own goals as well as meet the standards for fifth grade, and get them ready for Middle School.  If at anytime during the school year you wish to contact me, I am available by appointment or email: You can also reference my webpage for weekly updates and homework assignments: this can be found by going to, then Edison, then by clicking on my name, and here is the direct address:

       I look forward to a fun, exciting, and successful school year with your child.  Thank you in advance for your time and cooperation in making this year a success!



                                                                 Mrs. DeRisi