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Miss White's Third Grade Class

2021 - 2022


Items Needed

1. Book Bag and Take Home Folder

Please check your child’s book bag and take home folder every day. We send school news by way of your child in your child’s folder. These folders will come home daily and are to be sent back each day. Please send all notes, lunch $ and other important things in your child’s folder. The school provides a blue folder and a yellow folder for each student.

2. Lunch

A monthly lunch menu will be sent home with your child. If your child is going to buy lunch, please put your child’s lunch money in a sealed bag or in an envelope. Your child may also bring in his/her lunch each day. Kindly label lunch boxes with your child’s name.

3. Outdoor Recess

Weather permitting, we will try to go outside everyday in the morning.  Please wear sneakers everyday.  You may send your child to school with a water bottle.


1. Bug Repellent & Sunscreen

You may want to apply bug repellent and sunscreen on your child at home during the fall and spring months.

2. Sweatshirt or Sweater

The sweatshirt or sweater may be kept in you child’s cubby. The classroom tends to get chilly when the air conditioning is on!


Morning Procedure

Bus Riders-

Bus riders will walk into the cafeteria and will line up with the class. The class will be escorted by a staff member to our classroom at 8:30 AM.

Car Riders and Walkers-

The children will enter through the front door of the school and will walk directly to the cafeteria. The class will wait together in the cafeteria until they are escorted to the classroom by a staff member at 8:30 AM.

Late Mornings-

Please go directly to the OFFICE to sign in your child if he/she is late.





Afternoon Procedure

Bus Riders-

A staff member will escort the bus riders to the bus.

Kindly write me a note in the morning if your child will not be taking the bus home.

Car Riders and Walkers-

Parent Pick-Up is the front door of the school. First Grade children are dismissed at 3:00 P.M. Your child will only be allowed to be picked-up by anyone who is on your permission form. The permission form will be sent home with your child on the first day of school.