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Frequently Asked Questions


What about Birthdays?

We love to celebrate birthdays at school and recognize such 
special days in the lives of the children. You may send a snack
into school for your child to share with the class. I am asking
that you please send in ONE (1) small snack and napkins. The snack
must follow
the health guidelines. Drinks are optional, but again
please keep it simple.Please make sure your

birthday snack follows the health guidelines of Riverdale School.
Please note that we do not distribute "goodie" bags at school
parties. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to

*SPECIAL NOTE: Please DO NOT send any birthday invitations into
to be passed out unless the ENTIRE class is invited.
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What about germs?

I try my best to keep our classroom as clean and germ-free as 
possible. I am asking for donations of waterless hand wash and
Clorox/Lysol wipes for our classroom. I use the hand wash before
lunch and snacks and I use the wipes on their desks every
morning. This is completely optional, but any and all donations
are very much appreciated.
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Do we have snack in first grade?

We have snack time every day, beginning on the first full day of 
school, during read aloud time. Our snack time is in the
and lasts about 10 minutes. Please send in a small, healthy
for your child. You may also send in a drink, but remember to
keep it small as we only set aside a short time for snack.
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When are report card conferences held?

Report Card Conferences:

I will hold report card conferences in November and April.