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Northside Elementary's faculty and staff have set high goals and expectations for this year. We are happy that you will be a part of what we have planned.

We begin the year offering many opportunities to share our home-school partnership.  During the year, we encourage you to support your child's learning experience at Northside.  You will be asked to attend Open House, parent-teacher conferences. assist with homework, review folders, sign papers, volunteer, and actively participate in school-wide activities.  Please make a commitment now to be involved in your child's education. 

We ask that you become familiar with the contents of our parent and student handbook, as the operation of our school will revolve around this material.  Please take time to read and discuss the information with your child.  Keep the handbook for future reference.  This handbook contains most everything you and your child need to know regarding school policy.  Again, we welcome your help and support in providing a quality education for our students.