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Welcome to Ms. McLoof's

4th grade class!



Our Quarter 1 schedule:


Monday: Health & Character Ed

Tuesday: Theater & Gym (Please wear gym uniform)

Wednesday: Art & Gym (Please wear gym uniform)

Thursday: Art & Dance (Please wear gym uniform)

Friday: Theater & Art


Feel free to log into esparks at any time during the year- this is a math and reading enhancement program that Golden Door participates in.  Students should be able to log in using their Google accounts since they are synched.  If it asks them for a class code, for espark it is: SWPTU.




Instruction, October 18th-22nd




Unit 1: Teamwork


Big Unit Question: What can we discover from new places and people? 


Question of the Week: How does Yosemite reflect the unique qualities of the West?


Story: Letters Home from Yosemite


Amazing Words: earthquake, volcano, eruptions, magma, elk, lava, sequoia, geyser, wildlife, wildflowers


Spelling Words: usual, huge, flute, mood, smooth, threw, afternoon, scooter, juice, cruise, truth, bruise, cruel, excuse, pupil, groove, confuse, humor, duty, curfew


Challenge Words: influence, aluminum, nutrition, accumulate, igloo


Selection Vocabulary: glacier, impressive, naturalist, preserve, slopes, species, wilderness


Word Focus: Long u


Text- Based Comprehension: Main Idea and Details


Writing: Personal Narrative


Conventions: Clauses and Complex Sentences



MATH: Topic 2- Flunetly Add and Subtract Multi-Digit Whole Numbers


Lessons: 8


Words to know: estimate, equation, period, rounding


SOCIAL STUDIES: Chapter 2, Americans and Their History


Lessons: 5


Words to Know: archeologist, artifact, hunter-gatherer, agriculture, culture, colony, enslaved, tradition, independence, confederation, congress, constitution, delegate, ratify, amendment, territory, immigrant, industry, states' rights, abolitionist, secede, Reconstruction, segregation, reservation, transcontinental, manufacturing, entrepreneur, diverse, depression, fascism, Cold War, communism, high-tech, civil rights, boycott, terrorist, interdependent


Spelling Book Weekly Homework:

Monday: Write the 20 spelling words 3 times each (label the top of the page "Monday").
Tuesday: Write the challenge words 3 times each (label the top of that page "Tuesday").
Wednesday: Rainbow Words- Write the 20 spelling words one time but in colored pencil or crayon- you can also try to write them in ABC order in rainbow colors (label the top of that page "Wednesday").
Thursday: Pick ANY 5 words (either the 20 regular spelling words or the challenge words) and put them into 5 separate sentences. Underline or highlight in yellow the spelling word in your sentence (label the top of that page "Thursday").

Hand them in on Friday for a total of 4 homework points to be graded.




The fourth graders will be responsible for handing in their homework daily.  Late or half completed homework will only receive half credit.


Every Friday, we have a spelling test in addition to a reading test and a writing test.  The math, social studies, and science tests are more spread out.  I will let the students know ahead of time when we are ready for a test in these subjects.


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  



-Ms. McLoof


201-795-4400 ext. 4205  The best way to reach me otherwise is via email, listed above.




*Check out these kid friendly sites: (see the class code in the message above)