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  Welcome to Ms. McLoof's

4th grade class!



Please check back here for important dates and notifications.  I update this webpage every week on Monday mornings.  Beneath the dates, you will see our cirriculum for the week.  Feel free to email me if you have any questions: 

November 4th: Class Spelling Bee *Congratulations to Vedant (winner) and Aarav (runner up!)

November 6th: Half Day, 12:15 dismissal/Students Change Hunger Drive Ends- bring in your cans...winning class gets a prize!

November 7th & 8th: No School, Teacher's Convention

November 27th-December 1st: School Closed, Thanksgiving break


*Turkey Science Writing Homework: Due Wednesday, 11/13

Pretend you are a turkey.  Write a 3 paragraph science report about your life as a turkey.  This can be fictional writing, since you are pretending to be a turkey; however, you need to do the following science/social studies research.  Please research:

*the size and shape (ex. "I can weigh ___ pounds and am the size of a ___ animal.")

*Color pattern




Your essay should have an opening, body, and a closing.  This will count as science homework for quarter 2.


Our Quarter 2 schedule is as follows: (Q2 schedule starts Tuesday, November 12th)

Monday- Computers & Character Education

Tuesday- Theater & Art

Wednesday- Gym and Health

Thursday- Gym & Art

Friday- Music & Health




Instruction, November 11th: .




Unit 2: 


Big Unit Question: What is the value of teamwork?


Question of the Week: What can teams accomplish?


Story: "Scene Two"


Amazing Words: cafe, menu, cuisine, customers, strategy, teamwork, practice, examine, founders, forebears


Spelling Words: morning, forest, garbage, form, alarm, corner, story, argue, backyard, start, partner, storm, Florida, apartment, sport, force, forward, sharp, garden, Arkansas


Challenge Words: departure, margarine, informative, snorkel, carnation


Selection Vocabulary: advice, argument, arrangements, dishonest, descendants, script, snag


Word Focus: Words with "ar," "or"


Text Based Comprehension:  Drawing Conclusions


Writing: To Be Updated


Conventions: Irregular plural nouns



MATH: Topic 5


Topic 5- Using Strategies & Properties to Divide by 1-Digit Numbers


Words to know: compatible numbers, divisible, division, equation, round, variable



SCIENCE: Chapter 8- Energy & Heat (Chapter Question- "How does energy cause change?")


Words to Know: absorption, amplitude, conduction, convection, energy, frequency, kinetic energy, pitch, potential energy, radiation, reflection, refraction, sound, volume, wavelength





The fourth graders will each get a planner in which they are responsible for writing in daily.  I will write the homework on the board for each subject and they will record it in their planner.  Homework is to be handed in DAILY.  Late or half completed homework will only receive half credit.


Every Friday, we have a spelling test in addition to a reading test.  The math, social studies, and science tests are more spread out.  I will let the students know ahead of time when we are ready for a test in these subjects.


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  My room number is 211 and the classroom is located upstairs down the hall.  Below is my email and phone extension. 




-Ms. McLoof


201-795-4400 ext. 4211




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