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Welcome to Ms. McLoof's

4th grade class!




Our Quarter 4 schedule is as follows: 


Monday- Music & Character Education

Tuesday- Art & Theater

Wednesday- Gym and Health

Thursday- Health & Theater

Friday- Computers & Gym


Instruction, June 1st- 5th: 




Unit 6: 


Big Unit Question: "What Does It Take to Achieve Our Goals and Dreams?"


Question of the Week: When do people choose to make sacrifices?


Story: "A Gift from the Heart"


Amazing Words: determined, accomplish, education, progress, career, apply, headway, distinguish, benefits, compete


Spelling Words: careful, tasteful, lonely, powerful, possession, peaceful, recently, extremely, certainly, wisely, harmful, monthly, yearly, successful, playful, thoughtful, actually, pollution, correction, eagerly


Challenge Words: separation, immediately, description, suspenseful, completely


Selection Vocabulary: abundance, backdrop, ceremonial, drought, graze, shock


Word Focus: -ful, -ly


Text Based Comprehension:  Generalize/Predict & Set Purpose


Writing: Persuasive Writing


Conventions: Quotations and Quotation Marks



MATH: Topic 15


Topic 15- Geometric Measurement:  Understand Concepts of Angles and Angle Measurements


Words to know: point, line, line segment, ray, right angle, acute angle, obtuse angle, straight angle, degree, unit angle, angle measure, protractor, vertex



SOCIAL STUDIES: Chapter 6- "The Southeast"


Words to Know: wetland, barrier island, piedmont, fall line, watershed, endangered species, extinct, growing season, key, hurricane, storm surge, levee, evacuation, timber, pulp, agribusiness, livestock, fossil fuel, hydroelectric power, heritage, indentured servant, plantation, pioneer, emancipation, Gullah, jazz, craft, port





The fourth graders will each get a planner in which they are responsible for writing in daily.  I will write the homework on the board for each subject and they will record it in their planner.  Homework is to be handed in DAILY.  Late or half completed homework will only receive half credit.


Every Friday, we have a spelling test in addition to a reading test.  The math, social studies, and science tests are more spread out.  I will let the students know ahead of time when we are ready for a test in these subjects.


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  My room number is 211 and the classroom is located upstairs down the hall.  Below is my email and phone extension. 




-Ms. McLoof


201-795-4400 ext. 4211




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