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6th Grade Social Studies


 Make notecards for key terms and people to help you study!  



Explore Ancient Egypt


Sumerian Achievements Poster---DUE 11/22/19

Look back in your book to pages 65-69 for ideas and info

Pick 6 or more of these topics to include in your poster.

  • the invention of writing
  • technical advances: the wheel and the plow
  • advances improved daily life: sewers, bronze, makeup, and jewelry
  • math
  • science
  • medicine
  • architecture
  • the arts

You need to DRAW a picture and write a caption for each picture. (5 points each=60 Total)

Title- Sumerian Achievements  (5 points)

Neatness (10 points)




7th Grade Social Studies



 7th Grade Benchmark- click on the link below




 ***Practice your map skills*** Use the link below to play a game. Use the drop down menu to select the region of the U.S. you want to practice.



6th Grade Math Resource Center


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