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Weekly Homework


Timed Math Sheets

Students will work daily to complete timed multiplication sheets on an individualized level. Students will complete the reverse side of each sheet for homework Monday-Thursday. On Friday students will complete a timed quiz. As students meet their timing goal, they will advance to the next level.


Home Links

Students will complete a nightly Home Link page that reinforces the skill taught that day in Math class.


Achieve3000 Articles and Activities

Students will be assigned one Achieve article and choose one free choice article to be completed on a weekly basis. After reading, students should complete the connected activity.


Nightly Reading and Written Responses

Students should read 20 minutes each night. Achieve articles count as nightly reading. We would also like students to be working through novels on their independent reading level at home as well. On two nights each week, students should complete a written response to practice their writing skills.