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High School Graduation Assessment Requirements:


 BHS Graduation Requirements.pdf 


BHS 2022-2023 Calendar

 School Calendar_22-23.pdf 


Student Contract

 Math Student Contract 2022-2023.pdf 


Classroom Rules and Expectations:

  • Be prepared to learn. In order for this class to run smoothly, you are responsible for bringing your materials, completing your assignments on time, being organized, and participating.

  • Cutting is not allowed and will not be tolerated.  If you cut class, you will receive a zero for the day.  If you are caught cutting on a test day you will receive a zero for that test.  

  • Complete and submit all assignments on time. No late assignments!

  • Listen to others and participate in class discussions.

  • Ask questions. If you do not understand something, please say so. Please raise your hand, find me outside of class, or send me an email. 

  • Cell phones must not be visible or used during class.

  • Study and prepare for all scheduled tests, quizzes and exams. If you are caught cheating or talking during tests or quizzes, you will receive a zero. 

  • Wait for the teacher to dismiss class.


Suggested Supplies:

  • (1) 3 subject notebook used exclusively for math
  • (1) Pocket folder or binder to collect handouts and worksheets
  • (2) Sharpened pencils


Homework Policy

  • Homework will be assigned daily. Homework should be completed with all work/computation showing. No credit will be given without work. 
  • Points will be taken away for uncompleted homework.
  • If you are absent, homework for the day(s) you miss will be due when you return. You may look up homework assignments on Schoology.


Tests / Quizzes

  • 4-6 assessments will be given each marking period in addition to the District Assessment exam.
  • Quizzes can be given at any time. Quizzes may be announced or unannounced.



  • A failure is below 70
  • The grade will consist of the average of the following:

            All Test Grades: 70%

            Quiz Average: 15%

            Homework Average: 15%