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Due to inclement weather the district has cancelled face to face instruction. Students can still login to google classroom, seesaw, and to complete assignments. 

Classes will resume Monday, February 22, 2021.


Welcome to kindergarten at J.S. Clark Magnet School!


We know that parent involvement is essential in maximizing the benefits the child gets from his/her school experience. Regardless of the experience and expertise of the teacher, research shows that the biggest and most important factor in a student's school success is the involvement of the PARENT in daily school experiences. I urge you to become involved by helping your child with homework and projects, joining our PTO, attending school meetings and conferences, talking to your child about his/her school experiences, and participating in your child's education daily. Please feel free to contact me when you have any questions or concerns. 


As you can see, we are in this together! I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to get to know you and your child this year. Each child comes to school with special talents and specific needs. This year, I will work with your child to build on their talents and address their needs.



Be assured that we will do our best to make this transition enjoyable for your child, but also a time filled with real learning.

Please continue to stay safe! 



Parents, there are 4 accounts you will need to set up.

All sites are free and easy to join.

please set up your:

zoom account(click on link in column)

seesaw account(click on link in column)


facebook- private classroom group(click on link in column) on link in column)



On the left panel, there are various resources that can be accessed via smartphone, tablet, or computer. 


The MCS Enrichment Activities link has been given by the district. There are downloadble versions of our curriculum for ELA and Math and different activities that students could utilize.


Please reach out via Remind or email if you need help or have questions! 


This week




Units can be accessed for practice on the Enrichment activities link.




The link for Eureka has resources for grades PK-12. You can also find resources for Kindergarten under the Enrichment Activites.

If you have trouble understanding lessons, youtube has each lesson available to review.




IXL is a website that allows students to build skills in ELA and Math through technology. Students may login by using their lunch number (7 digit) for their username and their initials for their password.


User name: 1234567@jsclark


Password: ss