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Rules for Mr. Daneman’s Computers Class 2023-2024

  1. Students must remain quiet and respectful at all times during class. Please don’t shout or speak while the teacher is speaking.
  2. The desktop computers are mainly for the use of the elementary students. Middle school students will use their Surface tablets for class work. No student is to touch a desktop computer without permission from the teacher.
  3. No food or drink is allowed in class including, but not limited to, chewing gum and bottles of water, unless it is snack time or permission is given by the teacher.
  4. Students will not throw anything across the room, including garbage.
  5. Students will respect the teacher and each other at all times.
  6. No games are to be played on any device unless permission is given by the teacher.
  7. No music is to be played without the permission of the teacher.
  8. Students will NOT touch the personal property of another student, including their Surface tablet and other personal items such as backpacks and lunchboxes.
  9. If a student finishes work early, they will practice typing on or finish any incomplete assignments for Computers.
  10. Absolutely no cell phones are allowed in the classroom. Students will utilize the phone holder on the wall during Computers. Per the student handbook, if a student is found with a cell phone, the device will be confiscated and the student will pick up their device from an administrator.
  11. Students will not touch any technology in the classroom other than their Surface tablet or assigned computer. This includes the teacher’s laptop and wires relating to the Promethean board.
  12. Students will remain in their ASSIGNED seats.
  13. Students will only visit school-appropriate websites on their Surface tablets or school computers. Inappropriate sites include adult material, violent games and videos, and social media. Students will NOT use Incognito Mode on their Surfaces.
  14. No student will leave the classroom without permission. Students leaving the room are required to sign out.
  15. Students will not leave the class to do work for another teacher (make up tests, etc.)
  16. Students will not be permitted to leave the class to see the guidance counselor unless it is an emergency.
  17. Students in the classroom will not use the camera on their Surface tablet unless it is required for their schoolwork.
  18. If a student’s Surface tablet is not charged, the student is considered unprepared for class. Students may not be allowed to charge their tablets during class.
  19. All work is to be completed by the student. Any work that is copied from another student or plagiarized will not be accepted. Plagiarism and cheating will be reported to school administration.
  20. All work will be completed and turned in on TEAMS by the assigned due date.
  21. Students will use TEAMS to keep track of their grades and upcoming assignments.