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   Dear Parents, Welcome to 2022!!! I am so excited about the coming months as we begin gearing up for the remainder of the school year. Each day will be important for your child's attendance so that we can end the year with great academic growth and achievement!  Below you will find my daily schedule and planning and office hours. Please email me or clal the school to schedule an in person conference.




                        1st          8:12 - 9:07               MATH 6/7 Grade

                        2nd         9:09 - 10:04            Planning/ Office Hours

                        3rd         10:06 - 11:01           Int MATH I/Math Essentials, Algebra II

                        4th         11:03 - 11:58           MATH 8 Grade

                                 LUNCH               11:58 - 12:25

                        5th         12:27 - 1:22            Algebra I/Int II, Geometry/Int III

                        6th         1:24 - 2:19              SPEECH I/II/III

                        7th         2:21 - 2:19              MATH Resource LAB 6/7, 8 Grades


Office: (318) 343-3258             Email: [email protected] 


   Below you will find below free access to Eureka Math. This platform offers Math material for Kindergarten through 12th grade. You and your child can access video content, homework assistance and parent tip sheets. During this time of great uncertainty, I am glad to offer you these materials that will provide additional assistance for you and your family and the opportunity to maintain some continuity in this educational school year. Please feel free to contact our offices for paper packets. Stay safe.

Please go to to find:

  • Student materials such as Problem Sets, Application Problems, and Exit Tickets
  • Homework Helpers
  • Parent Tip Sheets
  • Math card games

 ZEARN is also a valuable online resource for young users.


KHAN Academy is also a great website students can use to practice and review skills. The user name for the site is the first four letters of the first name and the first four letters of the stuent's last name. The password is the student lunch number followed by their initials.



                  Student name: Kelly Williams

                  User Name:      kellwill   

                  Password:         123456789kw