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Power Words


Power words are words that your child will be expected to memorize and recognize on sight by themselves and in sentences/stories. We work on 2-3 words a week with lots of activities and then add 2-3 more the following week. We practice them daily, but they will also need reinforcement at home.


1G Words:

a   all  am  an  and  are  at  be  big  can  can't  come  do  down  for  get  go  had  has  have  he  here  I  in  is  it  like  little  live  look  lots  love me  my  no  of  on  one said  see  she  that  the  there  they  this  to  up  want  was  we  went  what where  who  why  will with  yes  you


2G:  about animal as  boy  but  by  came  could  day  did  does  eat  from  fun  gave  girl  give  goes  going  good got  happy  her  him  his  home  house  how  if  into  jump  make  many  new  not  now  off  oh  or  our  out  over  play  put  ran  saw  says  so some stop take  them  then these  too  under  were  when  would  your