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Welcome to AP Statistics! 

This is a very exciting course on the study of variety.  Math classes up until this point have been about fundamental principles that always hold true (theorems, laws, and identities).  In algebraic modeling and geometric spatial studies, this kind of math is extremely useful, but most of what we do in medicine, finance, science, research, psychology, sports, video game simulation, marketing, etc involved concepts that are much more open ended.  The world is a dynamic place to live with tons of variety.  No two people look alike, nor do they make the same decisions or live the same lifestyles.  By collecting and analyzing data, we have the power to better understand and predict trends in all of the previously stated fields.  Ever use Facebook?  Wonder why the ads on the side of the page seem to be things you are into?  Tracking cookies collect data on what sites you visit in order to better predict what types of ads might be most useful on you.  Data analysis is the wave of the present and future!

The AP Statistics class involves many hands-on activities which dive into the world of probability, games, prediction, and variability.  In order to ensure there is time for such activities, it is your responsibility to come into the school year with the prior knowledge acquired from the summer assignment.  I look forward to a great year in AP Stats!

Mr. Wiech


The following link leads to the class syllabus.

   AP_Statistics_syllabus 2014.doc