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Are you taking AP Stats next year? 


In order to open up more time for diving into the more intricate concepts of probability and statistics, all students taking the AP Statistics course are to complete the following reading and written assignments. 

An online version of the textbook can be found here: 



Password: BFWtm321tps






Read through the Unit 1 Chapter 1 PDF and complete the CHAPTER 1 REVIEW EXERCISES R1.1-R1.10 on pages 84 and 85.  This chapter covers how data is summarized both visually and numerically.


There will be a test on Chapter 1 during the first week of school.


Additionally, read through TPS 6E Update Chpt 4 PDF and complete the CHAPTER 4 REVIEW EXERCISES R4.1-R4.10 on pages 69-71.  This chapter covers how data is collected.  




The AP Statistics class involves many hands-on activities which dive into the world of probability, games, prediction, and variability.  In order to ensure there is time for such activities, it is your responsibility to come into the school year with the above prior knowledge.  We look forward to a great year in AP Stats!


Mr. Wiech