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Google Meet - On Line classes







Period 3 at  11:00 



Period 4b at  11:30






Emergency School Closing Instructional Plan


 Do NOT complete unless instructed to do so. 



 In the event that schools are closed, please complete the assigned Moby Max English lessons for LRC and Foundations classes. All assignments can be completed on line (in Moby Max).


Moby Max link 


If you would like to print the assignments use the following links.......


 Period 3 lessons and assignments:  Emergency Lessons Foundations Period 3.pdf 


Period 4b lessons and assignments: Emergency Lessons LRC Period 4b.pdf



For ICS students in Mr. Mosetti's class (Period 5) please see his webpage and his google classroom for lessons and assignments. 


For ICS students in Miss Yaffee's Social Studies class (period 3) please see her webpage and google classroom for lessons and assignments.



  Google classroom link for more information:  Emergency School Closing Instructional Plan



   The goal for our class is to provide an academic environment for each student to learn and grow. We will work together for the common goals of education, success, and achievement.


   Organization is the key component to success. Please stress this importance to your child. Encourage your child to come to school prepared to learn with their books, homework, and supplies for each class. The end of each marking period is a good time to replenish school supplies and to clean out book bags, lockers, notebooks and folders. 


  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have. My email address is  I look forward to talking to you throughout the school year!


  Thank you for your time and support ~ Let’s have a great year!!