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Virtual ELL Study Hall


ELL Study Hall is a place where you can:

  • Receive extra assistance from an ELL teacher (Me!) on assignments for your other classes. 
  • Receive extra instruction on how to use Google Classroom, Docs, Slides, Forms, PearDeck, EdPuzzle, etc.
  • Study for upcoming assessments with an ELL teacher (Me!).
  • Or just have a nice chat with me about whatever you'd like! It is a great opportunity to practice your English (and see my smiling face!)


Use the code for your ELL Study Hall period to join our Google Classroom:


Period 4 ELL Study Hall Join Code: toz2n5q


Period 6 ELL Study Hall Join Code: b3y463o


Period 7 ELL Study Hall Join Code: nztoggk 


Period 8 ELL Study Hall Join Code: kyu6ypu




To make sure that everyone gets the help that they need, students will sign up for an appointment.  The link will be posted in Google Classroom. Click the link and then select the time that works best for you. Write a short description of what you want to work on.  Examples of what to write:

  • Study for Biology quiz on Chapter 7.2.
  • Finish Algebra homework on solving equations.
  • Learn how to submit an assignment in Google Classroom.
  • Discuss which Netflix series to binge watch next :)


Once you've made your appointment, it will show up in your Google Calendar along with a Meet link.  Click that link to meet with me.