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ELL Study Hall


What is it?

ELL Study Hall is a place where you can receive extra assistance from an ELL teacher on assignments for your other classes.  It is also a place where you can receive extended time to complete quizzes, tests and other assessments.


How do I get permission to go to ELL Study Hall?

1. There is an ELL Study Hall class on your official school schedule.


Where do I go?

ELL Study Hall is a scheduled class.  Look at your official school schedule for the room number and teacher's name.  This is when and where you will ALWAYS go for ELL Study Hall.


What do I do when I get there?

1. Enter the room quietly and choose a seat.

2. Tell the ELL teacher what you will be working on that day.

3. Quietly get to work.



What if I don't have any work to do?

There is ALWAYS something you can do!  Here are some examples of appropriate work for ELL Study Hall:

Homework for other classes
Projects for other classes
Completing a test or quiz
MobyMax exercises for Math or Language Arts
ReadTheory for ELL English


*The teacher determines whether cell phones are permitted or not. 

**As an ELL student, you always have something to work on!