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These words are usually nondecodable words and are frequently seen in 1st grade stories. They are expected to be read upon sight. Words will be hilighted as they are taught.


Unit R

a, green, I, see

like, one, the, we

do, look, was, yellow, you

are, have, that, they, two

he, is, three, to, with


Unit 1

come, in, my, on, way

she, take, up, what

blue, from, get, help, little, use

eat, her, this, too, four, five

saw, small, tree, your

home, into, many, them



Unit 2

 catch, put, good, said, no, want

be, could, horse, old, paper, of

live, out, people, who, work

down, inside, now, there, together

around, find, food, grow, under, water

also, family, new, other, some, their


Unit 3



Unit 4