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All hilighted words have been taught.  Students should be able to read by sight and spell by memory.




Fundations - Level 1 - First Grade Trick Words


the a and is his
of as has to into
we he she be me
for or  you your  I
they was one said    from
have do does were are
who what when where there
here why by my try
put two too very also
some come would could should
her over number say    says
see between each any many
how    now down out about
our friend other another none
nothing people month little been
own want Mr. Mrs. work
word write being their first
look good new water called
day may way    


Fundations - Level 2 - Second Grade Trick Words


shall     full pull both talk
walk done goes pretty again
please animal sure use used
against knew         know always often
once only house move right
place together eight large change
city every family night carry
something world answer      different    picture
learn earth father brother mother
great country away America school
thought whose won son breakfast
head ready favorite early ocean
Monday Tuesday cousin lose tomorrow
beautiful Wednesday   Thursday Saturday brought
bought piece January February July
enough special December August laugh
daughter trouble couple young