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Info for Mrs. Elliott's

Grade 3 Class



Welcome!   Some resources you'll find on this website:


  • Daily homework assignments.
    • Please note...The assignments shown are those that are originally planned for the day.  We are usually able to stick to the plan, but once in a while homework assignments need to be adjusted (or added) after seeing how things go during the school day.  These changes may not be reflected on the homework page of this website.
    • Also note...The website programming only posts the assignments at the end of each school day, not in advance. 



  • Spelling lists.
    • At the bottom of each spelling list page you'll also find the link to Spelling City - a website where your child can practice the spelling words.



  • A list of the students in our class.  Perfect for party invitations and Valentines Day!  :-)



  Mrs. Elliott

Updated 8/31/18