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Fourth Grade



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Dear Parents and Students,

     Well, here we are. You’ll be learning from home for two weeks.  The work that you will complete was created by all of the fourth grade teachers.  Most of the work and activities will look familiar as they are topics that the students have previously learned in school.  Even though there will be math work, I encourage the students to use Reflex and Prodigy at home for extra practice. You can also log on to EPIC to read/listen to books.

     If you can, log on to Google Classroom as I will be posting on my main page.  Since students will already have work to do, most of the posts on Google Classroom will be fun videos and pictures. Students can make comments under any of the posts and I will respond.  Remember all comments should be school appropriate:)

As a reminder, to get into google, the userame is your five digit student ID and your password is your chromebook password. 

If google asks for an email, it’s your 5 digit ID plus

      That’s all for now.  Parents, if you need me, please send an email or a REMIND message. I’ll be checking both quite often.


Take care and be safe,

Mrs. Hawkins



Be sure to log on to Spelling City to practice Spelling words!!