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 We are so excited to place our first Angels Sharing Box and will be meeting Thursday, April 1st at 12:00 PM at my store:  Silver Tulip Florist (right next to Pat's Market in the Dunkin Donuts parking lot).  We will assemble the box and put it out there.  Another box will be placed at St. Leo's by the Stations of the Cross on Saturday, April 3rd at 3:00 PM.  This box will be dedicated to Kevin Krett and other members of our St. Leo Community will be there as well.  All are welcome to come to whatever you can and if you can't join us, please know that you all have been a big part of starting this charity. Please let me know if you will be able to attend and if you mind your student being in pictures.  Our Facebook page is live and there will be articles coming out as well.  I am inspired by my students every day and am grateful to you all for encouraging them to grow in their faith by helping others in this way.  We hope you like the artwork we decided on for our logo!!

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Please check our specials page for our updated Third Trimester Special Schedule.



The students have been learning about three important elements of Lent.  We are all called to grow closer to God by prayer, fasting and almsgiving.  As a class we have decided to fulfill our almsgiving by donating to three different causes.  The students are welcome to bring in items every day, once a week or not at all.  It is all anonymous and not required.  I explained to them that while we all want to help others, we have to make sure we have what we need for our families.  The three items we are collecting are for:

1.  New socks for the Youth Group Sock Drive

2.  Old clothes or toys to donate to Goodwill

3.  Non-perishable food items to donate to Angel Sharing Boxes

Thank you so much 


I started a new charity called Angel Sharing Boxes to help people that are going through tough times and might not feel comfortable asking for help.  The students have helped come up with ideas for marketing and our slogan and are as excited as I am for our first box to be placed in a few weeks.  There will be more details coming as soon as things get finalized.  My hope is the students will be able to come after school on March 19th to my store in Lincroft to help place the food items in the box and take some pictures for the charity's facebook page.  Please feel free to contact me for more details.  

I thank you all for your help and for the opportunity to share this with my students.




We have been working on the Ten Commandments.  Please click on the link below to use the song to study:




A note regarding recess:

Students will go outside for recess, even if for a short time, unless it is too cold or raining. Jackets should be worn when students go outside to help prevent students from getting sick.



Please take note of our new trimester specials schedule.  The in school schedule is different than our remote special schedule.


Please have the students wear their masks instead of the gaiters to school.  The gaiters are difficult for the students to keep up on their face.  Thank you.


We thank you for all the supplies for the classroom and for your patience as we navigate this new year.  


*Reminder - we now eat lunch in the classroom and our classrooms have always been peanut free.  Please make sure all lunch and snack items are peanut free.*


Please take note of our specials schedule on the beginning of the year page.  Tuesday is our gym day so please have students wear their gym uniforms.



 Always give thanks to God and pray the Rosary.



I will be available for individual and group tutoring sessions.  Please email me for further details at:




I downloaded the free app camscanner so the attachments seem to be clearer.  I thank you for all of your patience and understanding through this time.  Any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email me.   


The website for ReadWorks assignments is or you can click on the link to the right.  The class code is HUDVGG and the password is 1234.  Please have the students go on, find their name, and complete the assignments by the appropriate due dates so I can review with them.  Thank you.



Please check the specials websites for any assignments they may have.  




 Students have access to their Math textbooks online. Please check your child's red folder for their username and password.


Students have access to their Reading textbooks online. Students Username/Password for Reading Street is first initial and last name @stleo & SaintLeo2A. **Some students have a different code please check your child's Red Take Home Folder. I have written their on a post it.** 


To access Scholastic GO please see the link below:

Username: stleo

Password:  grolier


Your subscription is for the following databases:

Grolier Multimedia

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Scholastic Code:

2A's Scholastic Book Order class code is GZWT9




Please check the website daily for updates!


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