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Students and Parents in Mr. Doogan's 5th & 6th grade Science classes...




Any and all assignments will be posted on Teams.

Please make sure to check each night for assignments and or addendums.




As we approach the end of the year, I know can and will go at high speed. 

We will finish the year strong and know that your children will be ready for next year.

You have great kids and I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to teach them.

I know this year had a buit of a rough start with all of your learning about me and Me having to learn about all of you and about the St. Leo the Great community. 

I have learned and gained so much from your children and to this day I am still learning about who and what they are about. 

St. Leo the Great is indeed a "great" pleace to be.

Enjoy the end of the year.