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Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.  -Benjamin Franklin


8C Homeroom/5th, 6th, 7th & 8th Math Classes:




Below is my contact email address : 


Feel free to contact me with any school related questions.


Boxes of tissues for the classroom are always needed and very much appreciated!


                   Be sure to check my website for updates

and the "Homework" tab for assignments


 Any student changing the way they are dismissed must bring in a note stating how he or she is going home.



Thank you!!!

Ms. Owendoff :) 




Grading for My Math Classes: 

45% Chapter Test
30% Quizzes 
25% Homework:
    - Must show all work for full credit.
  - Homework grade will not be posted until the end of the trimester. 


The online websites for our Math Textbooks are the following:

5th - 7th:




Great website for 5th and 6th Grade Math Tutorials:


A reliable resource to support students who need a little extra help? Go Math! Academy, an online library with hundreds of free math help videos for students who need to catch up, keep up or jump ahead.

The videos are FREE for a limited time—a parent or adult over age 18 simply has to register an email address to get started.

The Go Math! Academy Video Library offers:

  • Homework help for struggling students
  • Skill refreshers and concept reminders
  • Extra enrichment for advanced students
  • Tips and tutorials for all young learners, compatible with any classroom program


Visit and explore Go Math! Academy at! 


Additional resources for online help: