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March 15, 2023


On Friday, in honor of Saint Patrick's Day the children will be allowed to wear a green shirt with their uniform bottoms.  We will also be graphing using Lucky Charms.  Since I am not allowed to give food out, I am allowing the class to bring in a snack bag of whatever cereal they like so that they can snack on it in class.  Thank you for your cooperation.


On Monday, the 3rd Grade will begin selling chances for their Lenten Jelly Bean Raffle.

All proceeds will benefit Heifer International.

Guess the number of jelly beans and win two one-hour passes to YESTERcades, two bracelets to the SLG Carnival, and an Easter basket from Suzi's Sweet Shoppe!

Chances are $1.00 each, or 7 chances for $5.


Thank you!

-The 3rd Grade Team


March 6, 2023


Hello Everyone!

We are in the home stretch...third and final trimester of first grade :0).  Our gym day has changed to Tuesday for the remainder of the school year.

Flat Jesus will be going home every Friday and needs to be returned by Monday of the following week.  

The miracle box project is due March 27th; please see the tab titled Miracle box for more information and ideas.

Thank you!


March 2, 2023


Hello Everyone!

You may have noticed that we have been working on money in the last couple of weeks.  This is one of those concepts that I spoke about at Back to School night where some kids will be ready for it and some will not.  I spoke to the kids about it as well and told them not to stress.  They will see this concept again next year and will probably do great on it then.  Please also remember that it is an open folder test so the kids are able to refer to any and all packets and papers we worked on throughout the past two weeks.  Please let them know that as long as they try their best you will be happy and proud. I learned the hard way when my own child struggled in first grade with these concepts and then shone in second grade.  

The reading tests have also changed recently and have become more student centered.  The kids must read the test and answer accordingly.  The tests are open book and they are allowed to search for the answers at any time.  I have read the story with them atleast 3 times this week so they know where to look for the information.  The rest is up to them.  You might see a slip in the grades as we push them to be more independent or you may see them fly.  It really depends on the child.   I can promise you that as the year comes

to a close you will see a huge jump in their abilities and you will hardly believe it :-).  



February 26, 2023



 Hi everyone! 


I just wanted to let you know that there are two new tabs on the left hand side.  One is about Flat Jesus and our Lenten Journals which is an activity we partake in through Lent and into Easter.  Another is the first grade Miracle Box project that is due on March 27th.  It is basically a shoe box diarama of one of Jesus's miracles.  We will be learning about these in class.  Please take a moment to check these out.  I look forward to our first time sharing our Lenten Journals next week.




February 12, 2023

You may have noticed that the reading tests have changed beginning this past week.  It has changed from being a predominantly auditory learners test to a readers test.  We think it is a wonderful change which will bring the kids to the next level with their reading.  We still read the test to them this past week and will read it to them again this week.  However, it is important to rememeber that any change with the testing often brings on anxiety and often makes kids question themselves.  Please be patient with them; they will learn how to take these types of tests and will be successful shortly if they werent the first time around.  The format will remain the same, they will have a page on te sounds we are learning and will have to choose the correct spelling of those words.  The next page will focus on the vocabulary words that we learn from the stories discussed that week.  Then finally you will see a number of questions on the grammar skills the kids learn that week.  


This Tuesday is Valentines Day.  You are welcome to send in favors ro goodie bags but No food of any kind is allowed.  (We have 19 students) Thank you!

This Wednesday, February 15th is an early dismissal, please plan accordingly.




February 1, 2023


Dear 1B Familes, 


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your extreme generosity.  I am so overwhelmed by your kindness.  Thank you for thinking of me and being so supportive this year; I cannot thank you enough.  


January 23, 2023




January 11, 2023




The 100th day of school is February 9th.  Typically as Kindergartners the kids get to dress up as 100 year olds on this day which makes the day fun and memorable for them.  This year we focus more on the number aspect of the hundred days. In class we count using dots and filling ten frames.  We were thinking it would be fun for the kids to create their own 100 day shirts.  If you google 100 day shirts you will find a plethora of ideas.  A t shirt, long sleeve, or sweatshirt, in any color works for the project. You are free to be as creative as you would like in creating it.  Of course we have to be mindful of weapons and such not being allowed in school.  The plan is to wear these to school on the 100th day with their uniform bottoms.  Have a great time creating these with your kids and we cannot wait for the photo op! 








January 2, 2023



Happy New Year 1B Family! 



Prayer for New Years


I hope everyone had a beautiful Christmas vacation surrounded by family and loved ones. 


School will Resume on Monday, January 3rd, 2022.


This week you are allowed to use those stocking stuffers for dress down days.  Please remember we go outside unless it is raining or snowing.  That being said, the kids should always have a fleece in their backpacks and should wear a coat to school during the winter months. 



*School resumes Tuesday, January 3rd

* January 16th No School in honor of MLK Day