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September 22, 2023


Hello everyone and happy Friyay!  We are trucking right along in the classroom.  No one is asking for rest time anymore and we are getting our work done in ample time.  The kids have been doing very well on the spelling words.  The reading tests (the auditory tests we spoke about) the kids are questioning themselves quite a bit and overthinking some things which is all very normal, they havent got the confidence yet.  I keep telling them that we are learning and things will only get easier as time goes on.  As long as they are doing their best, thats all we can ask for.  It will get better, this is definately a process. 

Speaking of tests; We are trying something new with regards to tests. We will be sending home a special yellow test folder beginning today.  You will find a signature log on the left hand side of the folder where the two tests will be listed.  Please review the tests and sign them and the log next to the tests listed.  All tests must be returned; you will get them back at the end of the trimester. 


Thank you kindly and have a wonderful weekend.


September 15, 2023


Today we took our first set of tests.  The kids took a spelling test, an auditory reading test and a check my progress in math to see how they are understanding the cncepts we are learning thus far.  They did great following lots of directions and wrote in their nicest and neatest handwriting.  Please be sure to give your kids lots of praise today to help grow their confidence.  It can be scary to take tests for the first time.  It will only get easier as time goes on because they will feel more comfortable.  They really did a great job and I'm very proud of them.  



September 14, 2023


Hello 1B families!  It was such a pleasure meeting you last night!  I realized that eventhough I talked entirely too much, I still managed to forget some important things.  

* The Math homework:  I always add an extra step in the Math packets in class, please use that in class packet as your guide for how I need the math hw done.

*We have a new religion program this year called Christ in Us.  We will be working directly in our religion books and supplementing using a child appropriate bible for bible stories.  My goal is always to make the children love religion and not feel bored by it.

*On Mondays I will be sending home a refrigerator copy that contains all of the information the kids will be learning in Language Arts during the week.  Please pay special attention to the Spelling words and the phonics sounds for our spelling test as well as our vocabulary words and high frequency words for our reading test.  

*Finally, my printer wouldn't cooperate on Back to School night so I sent home a list of the students for birthday parties and such.  Sorry to Arya who's last name I mispelled by putting a z at the end rather than an s. (always making mistakes :o))


September 11, 2023


!Dismissal Change!


AAC Dismissal Last names A-K:

Car riders whose last names begin with A-K will be picked up by their Parent/Guardian in the AAC.


Parents picking up in the AAC will park in the school’s main parking lot, which you will access by entering through the Church entrance on Hurley’s Lane. Please park your vehicle and then enter the AAC through its Main Entrance. After you pick up your child/children, you will exit the AAC on the bleacher side exit.  


Cafeteria Dismissal Last names L-Z and all with preschool siblings:

Car riders whose last name begins with L-Z will be picked up by their Parents/Guardians in the Cafeteria.  Parents picking up in the Cafeteria will park in the Church’s main parking lot, which you will access by entering through the Church entrance on Hurley’s Lane. Please park your vehicle and then enter the Cafeteria through the Hurley's lane entrance.  You will then exit through the Cafeteria exit near the Saint Mary Statue.




September 10, 2023


Picture day is Tuesday, September 12th, Please wear your regualar uniform.

I so look forward to meeting everyone at Back to school Night later that evening :o)


September 7, 2023


Notice from the office:

REMINDER: Please log in to the Parent Portal and complete the two mandatory forms (Media Release & Handbook Acknowledgement) as soon as possible!


*Picture day is September 12th or 13th, I will let you know as soon as I do which day it is  (The kids wear their regular school uniform)


Back to School Night is September 12th

I look forward to meeting everyone!


September 1, 2023


Hello and welcome to a new school year!  I can hardly believe that the summer is winding down and on September 1st we will be starting an exciting year in first grade (1B to be more precise)!  In just a few short days we will be exploring a new classroom and making lots of new friends!  I'm so excited to be returning to school and I hope you are too!




Our first day of school is Tuesday, September 5th


(it is a half day and the remainder of the first week are full days).




 Please click on the New School Year and the 2023-2024 First Grade Supplies links, in the menu, for important information about transportation, food and classroom procedures. Feel free to check out the website. Enjoy the rest of your summer and see you real soon!