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November 29, 2022


*Our Gym day has not changed for this trimester.

*We will be visiting the Christmas Corner on Dec 1st at 9:30.  You are welcome to come join us and shop with your kids :-).

*This Friday, December 2nd is an early Dismissal.

*Thursday, December 15th is our Christmas Concert. The link to the songs is on the left hand side.

*Thursday, December 22nd will be our First Grade Christmas Prayer Service in the church.  You are all welcome to join us on this special day.  This is also a dress up day (Sunday best, no heals).  The links for the songs that the kids will be singing for the Prayer service as well as their lyrics are also listed on the left hand side.


*Dress down days coming up are: 

December 2rd :  Christmas Socks

December 9th:    Christmas Hats/ Headbands

December16th:  Polar Express Day (Pre-K to 3rd- Pajamas)

                          Middle School Pep Rally (4th-8thgrade School Spirit wear)

December 22nd:  Christmas Parties (Dress up Day)


November 21,2022


We will be visiting the Christmas Corner on Dec 1st at 9:30.  You are welcome to come join us and shop with your kids :-).


November 18, 2022


Hello Everyone and thank you kindly for all of your Thanksgiving Donations.  It warms my heart to think that we, as a class, have made a difference for a family in need.  


Today was the last day of the 1st Trimester.  I want you all to know that all of your kids have made tremendous strides since September.  They are all reading, writing complete sentences, sounding out, adding, subtracting and learning to be very independent.  Please be patient with them if they have an off week, especially when illness is going around or we are near a holiday; those things throw kids off so much.  I was also out sick for three days this week which I know threw the kids for a loop.  I do want you all to knwo that I made sure to reteach and review the entire week's work today prior to giving any tests.  I do think that made a difference and I think in the grand scheme of things as a class we did well across the board with some having a rough go today.  Please know one test out of 11 isn't going to impact them greatly at all.  I told the kids to shake it off and move on if they had a rough day.  Theres a new trimester and a fresh start right around the corner :-).  



May God continue to Bless each and Everyone of you during this beautiful season of Gratitude with the most precious gifts of Family, Good Health, Faith and Love.


November 11, 2022


Our day to go to the bookfair is Monday at 12:15-1. Parents are welcome to attend!  See you there!


November 4, 2022


A special thank you to the Al Haj family for donating the turkey this year!!! 

Many thanks to a number of other families who offered all weekend; we have a very generous class.


The Thanksgiving Food Project 


Hello Families!  As the season of Thanks approaches, we sit back and count all of our many blessings.  It is also a wonderful time for all of us to give back and pay it forward.  This year we are being given the opportunity to help a family in need enjoy a bountiful and happy Thanksgiving and Christmas season.  The family we are helping is a family of 4; 2 parents and two children.  Let's work together to help them have their Best Thanksgiving yet!  We are sending home slips of what we need donated by you before November 17th.  Please do not send in anything that needs to be refrigerated or anything in a glass container (NO GLASS).  We also need a 12lb turkey donation please!  If you would like to send in any additional items to help the family please feel free.  Your generosity is greatly admired and appreciated.


November 3, 2022





November 2, 2022


Wednesday, November 9th will be our Life Touch Photo retakes for everyone.
Thursday, November 10th Feast of Saint Leo the Great, Mass at 9:00 AM
Friday, November 11th Tunnel to Tower Fundraiser, Dress Down in Red, White, and Blue
Thursday, November 17th Athletic Association Sponsored Color Run
Friday, November 18th School Turkey Feast & Thanksgiving Bag Collection, End of 1st Trimester
November 23rd-27th School Closed for Thanksgiving Holiday
November 28th-December 1st Children’s Corner



October 24, 2022


Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying first grade thus far :-)


Monday, October 31st is Halloween and the parade is at 11AM.  

Monday is an early dismissal. 
Please make sure your child can easily use the bathroom with their costume on, without help.  Please Do NOT wear heals especially on a bad weather day.  NO weapons are allowed in school even if they go with the costume.  We look forward to a fun day with the kids. 

Goodie bags are allowed but NO FOOD AT ALL.
Thank you!


October 16, 2022


Happy Sunday everyone!  I wanted to take a moment and say how much of a pleasure it was meeting you all and chatting about your children :-).  I think we are set to have a wonderful year together.  Thank you for your support and your willingness to be my partner in this journey of your children's education.  If you were unable to make it to the conferences please feel free to reach out anytime and we can set up a time for us to meet; and that goes for anyone throughout the year.  As we approach this week, please glance at the refrigerator copy that will come home highlighted with the information that will be on Friday's test.  The vocabulary comes from the stories we read in class and can be found as a youtube read aloud most times.  Our reading program is Open Court so you may have to write that prior to the title of the story.  Those vocabulary words will make more sense once you see the story and how they are used.  The high frequency words they should be able to recongize.  Spelling words should never be memorized but rather sounded out which leaves little reason for studying :-).   Always practice sounding out skills at home even when making a grocery list or makimg a Christmas wish list.  Never insist on 'correct spelling' or children will refuse to sound out in fear of making mistakes.  These are all just little things I have learned along the way.  Tomorow I will send home the vocabulary cards from the new chapter in math.  Please don't dispose of them but rather use them to help your kids learn the new words used in math.   These words like sum=answer in addition and addends=the name for the numbers you are adding, I use daily when teaching math, but it helps to review them at home.  The words are usually on the homework as well, as a matching activity.  There is typically an entire page of math vocabulary on the test and it tends to be the aspect the kids stress out about the most.  Finally, if you ever have any questions or want to fill me in on what is happening at home, or if you simply need me to back you up and support you I am always available via email.  Thank you and enjoy the Lord's day for it looks like a beautiful one.



October 11, 2022


Please be sure to sign up for conferences if you havent done so already:


Conferences tend to be short so please jot down any questions you may have so that we can be productive.  I know the reading tests are a topic of conversation and you are welcome to see the test format when you come for a conference :-).

Also, if you haven't had a moment to read my explanation below please do so.  I wish I had heard it when my daughter was in first and struggling.


October 7, 2022



Hello 1B Families! 

I hope everyone saw their children's tests as well as the progress reports in their red folders.  I attached a letter of explanation to help you read the report as they do differ from grade to grade since the expectations vary so much depending on grade level.  I do want to take a moment and speak with you regarding test taking this year and expectations.  Our job in first grade is an important one, we pour the children's schooling/learning foundation.  We teach the kids test taking skills, how to work independently, how to follow directions (multi step directions), we teach accountability, as well as self confidence, and confidence in their abilities.  It's an important undertaking and year after year I find myself putting myself in your shoes as parents and wanting to make life easier for you and happier and more successful for your children.  Please know that your children are taking school seriously and working very hard day after day (in a crazy world), they sit and they work like such big kids and I am so incredibly proud of them.  The jump from Kindergarten to First grade is a big one.  We teach the kids to be responsible for themsleves and their work, their in class work, packing their homework, placing items in various folders, keeping their desks neat and organized, completing things independently, taking pride in their work and doing everything in their neatest handwriting.  We teach following multi-step directions with even the simplest part of our day like unpacking and packing, handing in their homework and notes from you and placing them into a number of bins.  They are doing a tremendous job.  I think what I want you all to know this year is that the grades aren't nearly as important as the process and the progress.  Please undertstand that sitting down to take a test as a 6 or 7 year old can be a stressful and scary experience; the kids are just beginning their journey of learning and our goal for them is to love it.  We want to build a love for learning and school.  We want to teach them that mistakes made are the way in which we learn.  We want them to always do their best and try their best but we don't want to insist on perfect grades (must be hundreds and perfectionism).  There are a number of things we teach this year that may simply be beyond their abilities at this time (especially some concepts in Math).  Much like we cannot make a child walk at 12 months, we cannot force certain abilities until the child and his/her brain are ready for them.  These concepts will be repeated again in second grade when the children who might have had a difficult time retaining that information in first will then thrive in second.  I ask you to be supportive, to teach them the value of working hard but please do not ask for perfection.  We don't want the children at this age to feel extreme pressure to be perfect when it is sometimes simply beyond their abilities at that given time.  I can promise you that once we hit the New Year your children will begin amazing you with their abilities, their confidence and their independence.  I have been in your shoes, in our school, with a child in first grade who I worked with every single day after school and who still came home with 60's on certain tests because she was a summer baby and the comprehension was just beyond her.  By the time we hit second grade, she excelled and the work became much easier for her.  I share this with you because I truly understand and am rooting for everyone of you and your chidren :-).  Please give them a hug from me and let them know that I am so proud of the hard work they are putting in and that they should be very proud of themselves as well.   Thank you and Have a Blessed long weekend!  




ps. I look forward to seeing you all at parent teacher conferences; please sign up if you haven't done so already.  They will be about 10 minutes long so please jot down anything that you wish to ask or discuss.  Also know I am always available to answer any questions you might have through email or chat in teams.


October 3, 2022


Tuesday, October 4th-Feast of Saint Francis of Assisi Mass

Thursday, October 6th- Blessing of the Animals (rescheduled date)

*please remember to return your permission slips for the Blessing of the Animals

Friday, October 7th- School Spirit Day Dress Down

Monday, October 10th- School Closed

Wednesday, October 12th- Half Day/ Parent teacher Conferences begin
Friday, October 14th: No School for Students/ Parent Teacher Conferences all day


September 23, 2022


It was such a pleasure meeting you all at back to School Night, now I know where all my kids get their awesomeness from :-).  

Thank you for entrusting your children to me.  I look forward to a great year.  

You may have noticed I didn't send home the reading tests on Friday; the reading tests don't have questions on them and it may be difficult to see what your child might be struggling with.  I held onto them so I could write some little notes to help explain any difficulties the kids may have had.  They will go home on Monday, if you have any questions feel free to reach out anytime.  Onward and upward :-).



September 16, 2022 



Today we took our first set of tests.  The kids did great following lots of directions and wrote in their nicest and neatest handwriting.  Please be sure to give your kids lots of praise today to help grow their confidence.  It can be scary to take tests for the first time.  It will only get easier as time goes on because they will feel more comfortable.  Thank you so much and have a wonderful weekend!



September 12, 2022


Please note: 


*Fall picture day is Friday, September 16th.

*Back to School night is September 22nd.


September 9, 2022


Hello Everyone and Happy Friday!  Hope the kids enjoyed their first week of first grade.  It was a busy and eventful week.  They did great adjusting to the rules and are excited to possibly earn some free homework passes with tickets and some additional outside time.  My apologies to anyone who had been looking for the non existant Homework page;  although I was writing it and posting, it wasn't visible to anyone but me.  Hopefully now all the kinks are out of the way and it will be smooth sailing from here on out; God willing of course.  Please look around the website; the kids will have homework daily and we don't want that to be a surprise.  Our regular Language Arts and Math homework will begin on Monday.  Please be sure to check your child's Red Folder daily for items that are to be LEFT at home and the items that need to be completed and returned RIGHT back to school.  Please note that Lifetouch picture day will be either the 15th or 16th day of school.  I will let you know a definite day as soon as I know.  For pictures the kids wear their regular uniform (NOT gym).  Our first Scholastic book order is due Friday, September 16th.  To place your order, look for the Scholatic link on the left side and click on the red rectangle once you get to the page.  Back to School night is September 22nd and I look forward to meeting everyone!!!!


September 2, 2022


Hello 1B Families and welcome to a new school year!  I can hardly believe that the summer is winding down and on Tuesday, September 6th we will be starting a new and exciting year in first grade!  In just a few short days we will be exploring a new classroom and making lots of new friends!  I'm so excited to be returning to school and I hope you are too!


Our first day of school is Tuesday, September 6th

(it is a half day).  The remainder of the week will follow a regular full day schedule. 


 Please click on the New School Year link and the various links in the menu for important information about transportation, food and classroom procedures. Feel free to explore the website. This will be your primary source for information regarding the class and classroom news this year .  Enjoy the rest of your summer and see you soon!