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Please bring in your favorite toy or stuffed animal for Show and Tell tomorrow!! 





On Tuesday, October 3rd the Mobile Fire Safety House will be visiting our school for kindergarten and 1st graders! A permission slip is being sent home. Please sign and return as soon as possible!









Please make sure you are sending the homework and H book back to school in your child's yellow folder each day! Also, if a red and white Decodable is sent home, please read it with your child, sign it, and return it to school.







A message from the office:

REMINDER: Please log in to the Parent Portal and complete the two mandatory forms (Media Release & Handbook Acknowledgement) as soon as possible! 







Welcome KC Families!

It was so nice meeting everyone at orientation! We had a great first day of school!!


*Some information found in the 2023-2024 Student and Parent Handbook is listed. For more information and details, please see the "Welcome to Kindergarten!" tab.





Kindergarten through 8th Grades: 7:45 AM to 2:35

PM Half-days: 7:45 AM to 12:30

 Should the need arise to switch to virtual learning, please refer to the Virtual Learning Plan, located on the school website.


Kindergarten parents may walk their child to class only on the first day of school. 






All students in grades K through 8 must be in full dress code upon entrance to school each day. The dress code is in effect from September through June. Uniforms may be purchased through Flynn & O’Hara at



Kindergarten Boys:

• Khaki pull-on elastic waist long pants or shorts

• Long or short-sleeved navy polo shirt (no logos)

• White or navy crew socks

• Navy v-neck cardigan (optional)

• Maroon full-zip fleece with SLG logo


Kindergarten Girls:

• Khaki drop waist jumper or khaki 2 pleat skort (Lands’ End or Kohl’s uniform skorts are allowed)

• Khaki pull-on long elastic waist pants (optional)

• Long or short-sleeved dark navy golf shirt (no logos)

• White peter pan collar long or short-sleeve blouse may be worn with the jumper

• White or navy knee-hi or crew socks or tights

• Navy crewneck cardigan sweater (optional)

• Maroon full-zip fleece jacket with SLG logo


Boys & Girls Shoes:

Any safe, comfortable, and closed toe style, including sneakers is acceptable.



Grades K-8 Physical Education Uniform:

• Black, knee-length, mesh gym shorts with SLG logo (as seen at Flynn O’Hara)

*No Soffe shorts are allowed in place of mesh gym shorts.

• Maroon t-shirt with SLG logo (long or short sleeve)

• Solid black heavyweight sweatpants with SLG logo (as seen at Flynn O’Hara) (no tight or legging type pants)

• Solid colored crew socks in white or black

• Sneakers: white or black only (Grades 1-8)

• Maroon full-zip fleece jacket with SLG logo (optional)


Students in grades K-5 may wear gym uniforms to school on their gym day unless directed to do otherwise.