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 **Updated 4-6-20 in response to shelter at home mandate. 


     Welcome Parents! Thank you for visiting my website. In regards to the stay at home mandate, I have attached lessons that you will find helpful for you child. On the right there will be a Homework and Events tab. Click on the tab and a calendar will pop up. Lessons for the entire week will be posted on Monday's. Double click on the tab labled homework, and this will lead you to your child's suggested lessons.  I have also attached the websites listed in the plans to make it easier for you to navigate. These are simply suggestions for you to assist your child. Please know that these lessons will not be graded. As always, should you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me. 




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Important dates are listed on Cecilia Primary's website.
Proverb - “To teach, one must know the nature of those whom one is teaching.”