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Math 8:



Distance Learning Assignments are now located on Google Classroom.



**Access it from



 1. Use student Gmail account for username 



2. Password is your usual school password (First three letters of first name with the first letter capitalized, your student number, exclamation point)

         Example: Joh1234!


The codes for each class are below:

2nd Hour: omdan3a

5th Hour: hgkyqfj

6th Hour: goiluz7

7th Hour: 5ehoida

8th Hour: azvm5m2




Additional Practice:


1. Use the link titled "Clever Log In" to access iReady Lessons.  Type in your username and password to access iReady.  I have assigned additional teacher assigned lessons if you need extra practice.


2. Go to My Path on iReady and spend approximately 30 - 40 minutes each week to brush up on skills.


3. Go to Prodigy to take a LEAP practice assessment.  If you have forgotten your username and password for Prodigy, please email me at







Algebra 1:

I will send out a Remind and an email to provide you with details about your lessons.








How can I contact you?


You may contact me via email at


Please do not hesitate to email me if you have a question or concern.