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Tips:  Frequency is the amount of times a number appears in a set of data.

         Mean - add the data up then divide the sum by how many pieces of data you added

        Median - the middle number when the data is in order!

        Outlier - a piece of data that lays away from the other pieces of data




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Math 6


If you have internet access, please use the link titled "Clever Log In" to access iReady Lessons.(this link is on this page in the box to the right - last entry)  Type in your username and password to access iReady.


Each lesson starts on March 17th and ends on April 24th.  Each lesson is "Teacher Assigned."  These lessons are taught by video then have a short quiz to take.  Since most of these Data and Measurement lessons are new information for 6th graders, I recommend they watch the videos a few times before the quiz.  Taking a few notes during the video may also help.


Below is a suggested timeline to complete these assignments:


Week of March 16th - 20th:  Understand Statistics

Week of March 23rd - 27th:  Understand Mean & Median

Week of March 30th - April 3rd:  Dot Plots,  and    Measures of Center

Week of April 6th - April 10th:  Histograms,  and    Data Displays


Additional Practice:  Go to My Path on iReady and spend approximately 40 minutes each week to brush up on skills.

                              Go to Edulastic to take the LEAP practice assessment.  Your login info as well as the web address is glued in you planner. (if you can't find your login info please let me know and I will look it up for you!)



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