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English I:

Welcome to Mrs. Gallman's English I class.  Throughout this semester, you will find lots of information about what we are working on by looking at OnCourse (My Website). 

The following information will help you during this semester:


Remind 101:  All students (and parents too!) are welcome to subscribe to my Remind101 texting app.  I try to send out reminders about homework, tests, events, etc.  Please be sure to subscribe to the correct Block!!!


2nd Block - text @gallman2 to 81010

3rd Block - text @gallman3 to  81010

4th Block - text @gallman4 to 81010


Bell Work:  I will daily assign Bell Work on a daily basis.  This will usually be vocabulary words that you will need to define and know, sentences to edit, and another grammar/SpringBoard concept that students will need to know.  I usually give a Bell Ringer test on the material we cover on a weekly basis.  


Sustained Silent Reading (SSR):  Occasionally, students will have class time to participate in Sustained Silent Reading(SSR).  During this time, students will be able to read a book of their choice in class.  It is important for parents to know that I will often assign independent reading as homework.  Students are responsible for obtaining an independent reading book (novel) on their own.  Students should bring this novel with them to class every day.  Some days students will have time to read in class, and other days they will have to make time at home. Please see the "What We Are Working On NOW" tab on my home page to see the current requirements for SSR.

ZAP:  If you miss a class and there was a test given that day, I will assign you to ZAP within the week.  If you have a question about an assignment, please come to me and ask.  You can email me or talk to me before school, between classes, after school, or if there is time, during my class.  Please remember that your grades are your responsibility!  It is important to keep up with your grades.  Look at PowerSchool on a regular basis to make sure that all grades have been entered correctly. 

Binder:  You will need a 3 - ring binder.  You will need to divide it into the following sections:  Journal Responses, Vocabulary, and Notes and Assignments.  We will be using LOTS of paper throughout the semester.  You will need note cards, pencils, pens, highlighters, and markers as well.  Please make sure that you have all of your supplies every day!

SpringBoard Curriculum:  We will be working with the SpringBoard Curriculum this year.  This is a rigorous curriculum that uses a lot of activities to enable students to use higher-order thinking in their studies.  Each unit has multiple assessments (in the form of projects, written assignments and multiple-choice tests), and in order to perform well on the assessments in each unit, it is important to perform in each and every activity found throughout the book.  These activities build upon one another (like a scaffold) and eventually lead to the student's ability to perform well on the various assessments.  Because this curriculum's activities build upon one another, it is important that students make every effort to minimize absences.