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The Kindergarten supply list was made available to you on our school website. Some of you took advantage of the HSA’s supply kits. If you did not take part in that fund-raiser, you chose to get the listed items on your own. Please make sure you have those supplies within the first week of school.  (**Keep in mind that the 2 New White T-shirts in your child's size must be purchased on your own even if you bought the HSA kits)



It’s Easy Being Green!!!!

There is a specific behavior/discipline system that I follow in the classroom. I have used it every year and I feel it is very effective. It is called, “It’s easy being green!” The children will each get a pocket with 3 level cards in it; green on top, then yellow, and then red. The children are taught that green is desirable behavior. The children are making good choices. If they are doing something undesirable, their card is moved to yellow. I then explain that the yellow card is a warning. If they continue to behave inappropriately, they will lose their yellow card and be placed on red. If a child is on the red card they will lose play time. If the undesirable behavior continues, they will lose their red card. At this point a note will be sent home to you, the parent. In the beginning, you will hear your child talk about the pockets and the cards. Many children do get upset when they are placed on yellow and red and I discuss with each of them. Encourage your child to be open and honest about what color they were on and discuss it with them. Why were you on yellow or red? What are you going to do differently to stay on green? In the beginning of the year, the cards are pulled frequently. Almost everyone, at some point, will lose a card. The children are aware at all times of how well they are doing. I find that by starting this type of program right from the beginning the children adjust well to the rules and routines of the class and by half way through the year I find I hardly even refer to them!


Have you filled your bucket today?

I have recently discovered the cutest book called, “Have You Filled a Bucket Today?” written by Carol McCloud. By using a bucket metaphor, the author helps children understand how to be happy and how to spread happiness using the basic pillars of character. The book describes how you can fill your bucket each day and when your bucket is filled you have not only made yourself happy but the people surrounding you happy. Our class goal this year is to become amazing bucket fillers! We will read the book during the first week or so of school and discuss all the ways we can “fill our buckets”. Then each child will receive a mini bucket to keep in the classroom. When they are caught displaying kindness, friendship, manners, sharing, caring, and respect, they will earn a pom-pom to put in their bucket. We will check each day to see how much we have filled out buckets and talk about all the ways we can fill them to the top! Once their bucket is filled, they will receive an award to bring home to share with you!  


Folders are the key communication between home and school. Everything I send home will be placed in your child’s TAKE HOME folder.  Please check the folder each day.  Please send anything for me or the office in your child’s folder to ensure that things do not get lost.  Talk with your children about what you put in their folder so they know what to hand in to me.


On Wednesdays, an electronic “folder” will be sent to you via e-mail. It will be from our AlertNow system. This e-mail will contain all of the Noecker updates, events, and happenings that are going on within the school. Please make sure you read the e-mail each week and print out anything that you may need. At times, a RED FOLDER will be sent home on Wednesdays that contains important school information. Please make sure you read all info carefully. On the first day of school, your child will bring this folder home with important notices that need to be completed. Please make sure you complete the papers in the “bring back to school side” and send them back in the folder to school the next day. There is a lot of important information so read carefully. 



As mentioned earlier, send all notices in your child’s folder. If you are sending money to school, please put it in an envelope. Label the envelope with your child’s name, grade, teacher, and what is inside.


Lunch is around 11:00 in the morning. We have wonderful cafeteria aides who help the students during lunch time. Lunch is 20 minutes and then the kids go outside for recess for 20 minutes. This is an adjustment for kids in the beginning of the year due to time schedules. Some helpful tips: pack things that your child can eat and open easily. Practice opening and closing containers, water bottles etc athome. If your child is buying lunch from the school, I suggest pre-paying the meals. You can visit our school website for more information on how to do this. Discuss with your child what they are buying at so they know what to order. Dessert options are available as well. Just remember....We are a peanut/nut free school. 



Your child will have snack every day in the afternoon. We spend 15-20 minutes on snack, so try to keep it simple. I would suggest keeping your child’s lunch separate from their snack. It is just less confusing for them. Jsut remember... We are a peanut/nut free school. 



I will place a label on your child's folder with the special days. Weekly specials are Music, Art, Library, and 2 Physical Education classes. Please know that on Physical Education Days, students must wear sneakers and appropriate clothing. During the year, the students will also receive 1 marking period of Spanish and 1 marking period of tech class. 


Will be explained at Back to School Night.



When your child is going to be absent from school, please make sure you notify the school nurse. 

Mrs. Frances Noronha :

  or  973-226-7644 Ex 316 



The children arrive off the buses at 8:30am and head to the playground until 8:45am. At 8:45am, the children report to their classrooms to begin the day. If you are dropping off your child, please do not arrive before 8:30am. If you do, please wait in your car in the drop off zone until the 8:30 bell rings. If you arrive at school after 8:50am, please walk your child to the main doors, where you will sign them in with our securtiy officer. 

Please notify me of any changes in your child’s transportation from school. If your child is going home with another student, parent, or relative (etc.), please make sure you have filled out the Emergency Pick Up Form sent to you over the summer. (Also available on the school website)  We call the pick up line, line 8. The people listed on the form will be the only people permitted to take home your child from line 8.  On the day your child is to report to line 8, send a written note with your child specifying your child's name, day they are reporting to line 8, and who from the list is picking up your child. Please sign and date the note. If you are picking your child up consistently, I do not need a note each time. You can simply write one note. For example: I will be picking up John every Tuesday or I will be picking up Sarah every day after school. If you prefer to send an email instead of a written note, please make sure your send it to both myself and our pick up email at

If your child is attending the YMCA program from 3:20-6, please make sure you have written a note for this as well and notify the teacher.

If you have to pick your child up early from school, you can email the school to notify us and when you arrive sign your child out at the securtiy desk.