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Mr. Barry Douglass

Physical Education and Health Teacher

973-827-7440 ext. 207


Teacher Name                                                                 Days of the Week 

Pre-K                                                                Mon. 2nd pd, Thurs 5th pd, Fri 8th pd

Kindergarten-Scrittore                                      Mon. 3rd pd, Fri 4th pd

Kindergaten-Hoover                                         Thurs. 4th pd, Fri. 5th pd

1st Grade                                                          Mon. and Wed. 1st pd

2nd Grade                                                         Tues. and Thurs. 1st pd

3rd Grade                                                          Tues. 4th pd and Fri. 1st pd

4th Grade                                                           Mon. and Wed. 4th pd


Kindergarten through Fourth need to be dressed properly for gym class.  Sneakers, clothes students can participate in.  Please on days of Physical Education no skirts or dresses


5th Grade-Carney                                                 Tues. and Wed. 3rd pd

5th Grade-Dean                                                    Thurs. and Fri. 3rd pd

6th Grade                                                              Tues.-Fri. 2nd pd

7th Grade                                                              Tues.-Fri. 9th pd

8th Grade                                                               Mon.-Thurs. 8th pd   


Grades 5th through 8th must have a change of clothes or they will not be allowed to participate



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