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Course Overview 


This course provides a solid foundation in understanding legal issues and an important familiarity with the core topics of business law, integrated with the most relevant personal law topics.  As students are introduced to these concepts, they will better understand the importance of the law in general, become acquainted with relevant specific laws, and explore the applications of law both in business situations and in more familiar personal transactions.


Business law content deals with issues that are essential in the lives of most adults and that may be familiar in some form to many students.  Some of the more important topics discussed are: ethics & the law, the U.S. court system, criminal and civil law, contract law, employment law, and a thorough review of all governmental regulations affecting businesses. Personal law deals with issues that are generally more familiar to students including individual rights, juvenile justice, consumer law, and family law.


Overall, students will develop an understanding of the legal system, the dynamic nature of the law, the social impact of legislation and legal decisions, the legal environment of business and personal transactions, and the rights and duties of citizens, consumers, workers, and business owners.