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Spelling Lists

  •          Spelling Lists will begin after we have become familiar with the school routines and procedures.  Please look for the first spelling list around the beginning of October.


Dolch Sight Words

The Dolch Sight Word list is a list of the most commonly appearing sight words in traditional books that you and your child will read.  These are words that usually do not follow the traditional phonics patterns and should be memorized rather than sounded out.  Please access the following website for the lists.  

Mrs. Perkins Dolch Sight Word Lists


Games and Activities

  • Swat the Word~Write your spelling words haphazardly on a large blank piece of paper or scatter sight word index cards on a table top .  Use a fly swatter or your hand to "swat" one word at a time and call it out as quickly as you can.
  • Spelling Basketball~Write the spelling words each on small pieces of paper (index card size).  Ball up each word that you have spelled correctly.  Throw the balls into an open trash can from a difficult distance.  Repeat with the words that you did not spell correctly.  See how many "baskets" you can make in one minute...thirty seconds...
  • Shaving Cream Spelling~Spray shaving cream onto the wall in the bathtub.  Write spelling words in the shaving cream.  Erase and write again.
  • Rainbow Words~Write spelling words in one color.  Write on top of the first spelling with additional colors.  Use at least three colors.
  • Snowball Fight~Write spelling words on small pieces of paper.  Crumple paper into a ball.  Throw "snow"balls around the room.  Open snowballs and try to read the words.
  • Red Vowels/Blue Consonants~write each word using a red pencil/crayon for the vowels and a blue pencil/crayon for the consonants
  • Three times each~write each word three times
  • ABC Order~Write your spelling words in alphabetical order by first letter.  If more than one spelling word starts with the same letter, use the second letter, and so on.