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Hello to all,
                   I want to welcome both students and parents to the 2021-2022 school year. I anticipate that this will be a wonderful ,fun, productive school year for all of us.I look forward to meeting all my new students and their parents. Being that parents are a childs' best advocate, I encourage all parents to contact me with any questions,concerns,or information about you childs' progress. I can be reached by calling 318-387-2932 . I am also available for conferences Monday through Friday  from the hours of 7:30am- 8:00am, 11:00am -11:30 am ,and 2:30pm -2:45pm on Fridays.This school year I will be teaching both face to face and virtual school. All students will be using Google classroom/Google meets, Unique learning system, and News to you. All students will be able to access classwork and assignments by logging into Google classroom. Each student has been assigned a user name and password to access Google meets. Each student has also been assigned a log in user name and password for Unique learning system and News to You.Directions of how to login to Google classroom, Google meets and Unique learning system have been sent home to all parents. I know with all of us working together we will have a great school year. Remember to social distance,wash your hands, and wear your mask if possible. Stay Safe!



Mrs.Sarah Neal-Davis


phone#318-387-2932 ext 1458
e-mail- [email protected]
Room # 102