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 Welcome to the

Middle Township Middle School Choir




 So there will be no in-person after school choir for a while, however we will be meeting and rehearsing inline. Mr. Nuzzi found some really neat music programs we are hoping to implement for band and choir allowing you to hone your singing skills and even practice and record yourself sing your part!


I'll keep you informed of sign-ups.




To sign up for Remind texts for Choir, text the message @mtmschoir to 81010.



Fund Raisers-

Fundraising opportunities this year.

Winter Gertrude Hawk Candy

Spring Gertrude Hawk Candy 



E-mail with questions or for information.


MTMS Choir 2019 - taken by C. Scarpa

 photo by: C. Scarpa



Concert Attire:

Start looking for the following.

You can borrow them from family or friends,

but it takes time to find everything, so START NOW.


Girls and boys will need:

White three-button collared shirt

Black pants (no stretch or yoga pants).

Shoes: Girls- black flats and black socks (or no socks)

Boys- black socks and dark dress shoes.






Choir rehearsals:

Please be on time to rehearsals.

If you miss rehearsal for something other than a sport, please have a note. Thank you.