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 Counseling School Closure Information

Please be aware that the closure of our schools does not eliminate the support our students may need from counselors.  I will be available to both parents and students via email at   Appointments can also be made via email to schedule live chats.  


What should I tell my child about COVID-19?

Many parents have asked what they should share with their children about COVID-19.  Attached is an article that you may find helpful.  Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me!

helpful Tips for Handling Stress of COVID 19 V3 (1).pdf



Taking Care during times of stress

The outbreak of Coronavirus 2019 disease (COVID19) may be stressful for people. Fear and anxiety about the disease can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions in adults and children.  Here are some resources that may be helpful.  

Mental Health and Coping During COVID-19/ CDC

Mental health and wellness- COVID19


What can I do with my child when we are confined to our home?

Week two tips:  Try taking virtual tours.  Many places are offering virtual tours for free.  Try searching for virtual tours.  Zoo's,  Museums, and even Disney World have virtual opportunities for our kids to watch!

This week's tip- The benefits of yoga are extensive.  One of my favorites is Colonel Crockles the Crocodile - Cosmic Kids Yoga. 




I am the Elementary Counselor/ Social Worker at Kossmann School.  My goal is to provide our students, parents, and teachers with a positive sense of support, caring, respect, and community that enables all of us to make each day at school a success.  It is my absolute privilege to work with your children, the staff and this community! I believe if we all work collaboratively, children will blossom.


What does our school counselor do? 

I am here for students, parents, and staff to assist children with enhancing their social-emotional competence enabling them to maximize their learning.  School counselors actively coordinate, monitor and offer services that can provide unique accommodations and opportunities for our children that are transitioning, adapting and learning to manage through changes and challenges in their lives.


Some of the services I offer include:

Consultation with parents regarding the unique learning styles and emotional needs of their children, as well as finding outside support services and collaboratively developing strategies to promote success in the school environment.


School-based counseling providing confidential short-term individual and group counseling for children who may be experiencing difficulty with adjustment, anxiety, behavior, and/or any social-emotional concerns.


Classroom lessons in character education, addressing topics such as problem-solving, conflict resolution, friendship skills, communication, tolerance, and responsibility.


In-class support for teachers when working with children learning to manage their responsibilities and emotions independently and appropriately.


Coordination of in-school services for our children with academic, behavioral &/or social/emotional needs, such as our Intervention & Referral Team


Crisis management, to assist those when unexpected and frustrating situations may arise in the classroom, or in our l lives regarding peers, academics, family, or human emotions.


Child Study Team Social Worker and Case Manager of the Kossmann special education students in the preschool disabilities class.  I work in collaboration with the LDT-C and School Psychologist and Teachers to implement strategies and accommodations for the purpose of meeting the learning needs of all of our students. 


Most of the students receiving my services are well-adjusted children that are seeking advice, strategies or reassurance regarding common childhood circumstances, such as friendship issues or managing through a personal conflict or crisis. One or two visits may be all that is needed.  At times, some children need a quiet, private place to go during the school day to work through concerns so that they can return to the classroom more focused and attentive. Whatever the needs or concerns that may arise for a child, I am honored to be able to provide support for the purpose of promoting their emotional health, confidence and school success. 

I look forward to working with you!
Tanya Leonhardt, MSW, LCSW
850-1010 ext 5006  or