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Tanya Leonhardt

      Social Worker

(908) 850-1010 ext. 5006        





Kossmann School has started a school wide character building program titled Principal’s Paw.  The purpose of this program is to help our students be empathic, respectful leaders who can solve problems and make healthy decisions.  To become a Principal’s Paw you must be nominated by a staff member in the school. Once nominated, the student will get a certificate of recognition to take home, their name announced during the morning announcements and at character education assemblies. Their picture is placed on the Principal’s Paw bulletin board for all of the school community to celebrate.


Some of the criteria used to determine if a child has earned this recognition include following our four Principles/ Habits including Power to Choose, Plan for Today and Tomorrow, Part of the Pack and Win-Win.  These character traits include being helpful to others, open-minded, respectful, following speaker power, taking responsibility for work and actions, learning from our mistakes, compromising, working hard and makes good decisions even when no one is looking- Just to name a few!  Throughout the remainder of the school year Tanya Leonhardt, the school counselor, will continue to work with students in their health classes to further discuss and help enhance students’ decision making and problem solving skills. If you have any questions regarding this initiative please feel free to contact, Mr. Craver or Mr. Winsted at 850-1010 or Tanya Leonhardt at 908-850-1010 ext. 5006.